PreForm 0.8.4: Mac OS X & Mesh Repair

Posted on August 20, 2013 by Sam Jacoby


Apples come to PreForm

The day has arrived! We’ve had many requests for a Macintosh-compatible version of our PreForm software, and here it is. Head over to our software page to check out our new OS X-compatible version of PreForm 0.8.4.

PreForm on Mac OS X is a first-class citizen and we’re releasing it with complete feature parity with the Windows version. Heading forward, we’ll release OS X and Windows-compatible versions of PreForm simultaneously.

This is our first Apple release and we’re still making it better. Help us by reporting any issues, requests, or bugs to

Announcing Automatic Mesh Repair

We’re about sophisticated software as much as awesome hardware, and we’re working hard to make PreForm the best software for 3D printing out there. That means making printing easier and more reliable.

Our PreForm 0.8.4 release for Windows and Mac contains a powerful new feature, automatic mesh repair. PreForm’s mesh repair tool integrates software from Netfabb to examine the triangle meshes that make up your digital design. It will automatically clean up artifacts, close triangles, and join vertices, so that your models will print reliably on the Form 1.

Check out the before and after shots below. Matt, one of our engineers, punched a bunch of holes in a model he grabbed from the web. At left, the carnage; at right, after the repair.

A modified mesh, at left, and post automatic repair, at right. Model courtesy of barney.

The difference is even clearer when you take a look at the model viewed through our slicer, below. The model at left will print very poorly. You can see where the laser will skip all over the place, trying to fill broken and malformed triangles. The model on the right, however, after automatic repair, will print beautifully! 

The damaged mesh (left), and repaired mesh (right), viewed through PreForm's built-in slicer. Model courtesy of barney.

We’re looking forward to rolling out many more improvements in the weeks to come! Stay tuned.

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Posted on August 20 2013 at 07:08 PM by David

This is great!

Posted on August 21 2013 at 01:08 AM by Hansjoerg

Fantastic! Now I can start tinkering with the software.

Posted on August 21 2013 at 05:08 AM by Jang

Great! Love to see some evolution in the software. Next software-update with internal-structure-support? thanx!

Posted on August 21 2013 at 07:08 AM by Arno

Nice a Software Update

But more interessting is

- What makes Maxim Lobovsky how many Form1 leaves his Working Place (now are 2 Months over after we get this Blog News, i think you must have some experience now about your Work

- and what happens to the Grey Resin ??? I don t like the Clear because its not Useful for Architektur Modells

Posted on August 21 2013 at 07:08 AM by 3D-Companions

I congratulate your team on creating a superb system.

However I model at small scales i.e 4mm to the Foot and 7mm to the Foot.
The minimum feature parameter of 300 micron is resolved at the 4mm scale to be approx 23mm real world dimensions.

Is there any possibility that in the future the laser spot could be reduced in size to resolve features of 100micron.

It is top of my wish list and I think also for many more who create models at small scale

Posted on August 30 2013 at 12:08 PM by Jonathan Lederer

What an awesome piece of machinery! Amazing, but I have a MAJOR bone to pick. Just for reference, I didn’t have any great ideas for inventions to print out using my new printer, just yet, so I browsed over to thingverse and downloaded a cute heart comprised of about 8 or 10pieces that intermeshed like gears to look like a heart once completed. First Project — keep in mind -things were going great! I was successful in printing 8 of the 10 parts with extreme ease and in awe of how quickly and appropriately the supports were created just with a single click. Truly a life altering experience; witnessing such advanced technology making something seen on screen right before your eyes! All this love story comes to a screeching halt as on the final build design (comprised simply of the pins to hold the heart gears upon, in addition to one final gear piece that I had overlooked in therr way the files were numbered upon download) - long story short I had two individual parts and I arbitrarily separated them approximately equidistant from one another as well as approximately centered. 6 hours later I wake up to nothing whatsoever hanging as usual from the build tray. I quickly log into the support site and see an apparently common issue that may occur which is that a solidified piece of resin has attached itself to the bottom of the resin tank as opposed to the build platform. I follow the method demonstrated in the video provided by form labs on the subject to a “T” and assume this happens now that its happened and proceeded to sieve the resin to catch any/all hardened material and clean everything off of build platform — I reset the computer, I reset the printer — then approach the last bit of print I need in order to complete the heart I’m trying to print and send to my baby girl who unfortunately lives 3/4 across the country in Virginia. As you might imagine from the fact that I’m still ranting here, to this day (and I’ve tried like 20 times by now) I cannot get ANYTHING to print from this god forsaken printer. I’m about to go crazy. The printer was working great for a few consecutive days, then one misprint, now ONLY misprints. Isn’t there a phone number support can provide to assist me in resolving this problem error efficiently??? The thing worth mentioning is that regardless of how carefully I clean the resin bin, there exists almost wast looks like a ghost image of the erroneous print that happened the first timed the print went awry. I’ve tried to move the elements I’m attempting to print to complete my first (grade) project to the edge of the platform, but no dice …seems like nothing wants to stick to the build platform as it prefers to solidify in the plexiglass reservoir instead. HELP ME PLEASE OR REFUND THIS TOY AS IT DOESN’T SEEM READY FOR PRIME TIME IF I CANT EVEN COMPLETE A CHILD’S OBJECT BEFORE RUNNING INTO wasteful (both in hours and dollars of resin) processes.

Posted on August 30 2013 at 12:08 PM by Jonathan Lederer

For what it’s worth — I forgot to mention it above — but the parts that did print out successfully came out really, really, really nicely. I just wish following the fix shown on support site worked for me. Instead, I’m at a dead stop.

Posted on August 30 2013 at 05:08 PM by Jason

Jonathan –
If you’re having trouble printing, and the articles and forums at aren’t helping, you should open a support ticket. We’ll do our best to help get you printing again ASAP.
Have you watched the video here ? It sounds like you may still have cured resin adhered to the silicone of the tank. It can be very firmly attached and hard to see, but you will be able to feel it with the scraper.

Posted on March 23 2014 at 05:03 AM by shanepark28

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