Release Notes

PreForm 2.7.1 - September 6, 2016

  • Improved support rafts for Castable Resin FLCABL02 of the Form 2 for better adherence to the build platform

PreForm 2.7 - August 29, 2016


  • New shortcut: typing “tab” on the keyboard switches the selected model
  • Mac OS displays thumbnail preview images for .form files saved from PreForm 2.7
  • Minimum support Point Size is reduced from 0.40 to 0.30 mm, with a warning

Print improvements:

  • Faster base and support printing comes to Form 1 and Form 1+
  • For 0.025 and 0.05 mm layer thickness settings, bases and supports print with 0.1 mm layers
  • Lowered start times for general purpose resins by reducing the minimum start temperature to 25C and lower printing setpoint of 31C. This does not affect functional resins.

PreForm’s printers list:

  • Displays printer status and details about the installed resin cartridge and tank
  • Allows directly downloading logs from non-network-connected Form 2 printers

Bug fixes:

  • Restored ability to select models by clicking on supports
  • Fixes to some issues with illogical support placement

Firmware 1.8 - August 29, 2016

  • Direct link: form2-release-1.8.formware
  • Due to hardware compatibility, printers on firmware version 1.8 cannot be downgraded to earlier firmware versions.
  • Introduces X/Y Fine Tuning to offer ±5% scaling for X and Y axes on the build platform
  • Enhances printer accuracy by accounting for laser drift & temperature changes
  • Supports improvements to Printers list functionality in PreForm 2.7
  • Supports resin tank tracking for Dashboard

PreForm 2.6.1 - August 9, 2016

  • Improved White Resin for the Form 1+ and Form 2
    • White Resin FLGPWH02 (0.05, 0.1 mm)

PreForm 2.6.0 - July 19, 2016

  • Layer height optimization (Form 2)
    • Print layers with only support structures in 100 micron resolution
  • Connectivity improvements
    • Faster uploads
    • More stable printer connection over USB
    • Better printer discovery & management
    • If an uploading print is interrupted, PreForm will automatically try to reconnect & resume the upload.
  • Drag and drop firmware onto firmware update dialog

Firmware 1.7 - July 19, 2016

When updating to this firmware version, all prints will be automatically deleted from the printer.

  • Connectivity improvements
    • Support for recovering from broken connections
    • More stable printer connection over USB
    • Faster uploads
  • Ability to set static IP from the printer UI

PreForm 2.5.0 - June 13, 2016

  • New material for the Form 2 and Form 1+
    • Castable Resin FLCABL02 (0.025, 0.05, 0.1 mm)
  • Support improvements
    • Stiffer supports
    • Narrower pillars
    • Pillars taper along their whole length for increased sturdiness and ease of removal
  • Improved surface finish on early layers for Black, Clear, and Grey Form 2 materials
  • Improved routine between layers for better print quality

Firmware 1.6 - June 13, 2016

  • UI Improvements
    • Speed up screen transitions
    • Display resin version numbers
  • Detect failed prints due to hard reset
  • Added debugging for laser paths

PreForm 2.4.1 - May 30, 2016

  • Fix an issue where support “Point Size” slider would default to the minimum value

PreForm 2.4.0 - May 20, 2016

  • New material for the Form 2
    • Black Resin FLGPBK02 (0.025 mm)
  • New button to remove current supports
  • Opening double-clicking stl, obj, or Form files when PreForm is running opens them in that running instance rather than launching a second PreForm
  • PreForm now translated to Traditional Chinese
  • Updated Japanese translations
  • Sample model file once again loads properly on first launch
  • Tweaked aspects of support generation
  • Slice view renders slightly faster
  • Improved model placement when importing to PreForm
  • UI text adjustments

Firmware 1.5 - May 20, 2016

  • When updating to this firmware version, all prints will be automatically deleted from the printer.
  • Redesigned touchscreen interface to focus on current print job and centralize menus
  • Printer now able to report data to Dashboard’s new Materials Manager feature
  • Improved Wi-Fi performance for connection strength and reliability
  • More timely and accurate warning messages for empty resin cartridges
  • Printer now displays message during factory reset
  • Improved logging to track errors with Wi-Fi and PreForm communication
  • Fixed bug where a completed upload may have been marked incomplete
  • Improved touchscreen (or “display”) reliability by resolving intermittent static

PreForm 2.3.3

  • New materials for the Form 2
    • Black Resin FLGPBK02 (0.05, 0.1 mm)
    • Clear Resin FLGPCL03 (0.025, 0.05, 0.1 mm)
    • Dental SG Resin FLDGOR01 (0.05 mm)
    • Flexible Resin FLFLGR02 (0.05, 0.1 mm)
    • Tough Resin FLTOTL02 (0.05, 0.1 mm)
  • New materials for the Form 1+
    • Black Resin FLGPBK02 (0.025, 0.05, 0.1 mm)
    • Clear Resin FLGPCL03 (0.025, 0.05, 0.1, 0.2 mm)
    • Flexible Resin FLFLGR02 (0.05, 0.1 mm)
    • Tough Resin FLTOTL02 (0.05, 0.1 mm)
  • Fixed firmware update dialog behavior when there's no internet connection

PreForm 2.3.2

  • Fixed issue where PreForm would sometimes compute the peel cycle incorrectly

PreForm 2.3.1

  • Fixed issue where PreForm erroneously prompted for firmware updates

PreForm 2.3.0

  • Updated support bases
    • Chamfered edges make removal easier from all angles
    • New quick release tabs for use with flush cutters
  • Improved print restart dialog
  • Convenient link to track your print on Dashboard
  • Improved print success and surface quality

Firmware 1.4 - April 7, 2016

  • Dashboard registration from printer
  • Display MAC addresses in the UI
  • Pre-print checks for failed uploads

PreForm 2.2.1

  • Supports Form 2 firmware 1.3.2-259

PreForm 2.2.0

  • Supports Form 2 firmware 1.3.2-256
  • Improved French translations
  • UI changes in data-collection opt-in and material select dialogs

PreForm 2.1.0

  • Updated French, German, Chinese, and Japanese translations
  • Added support touch point deletion by drag-selecting in support edit mode
  • Improved wiper routine for Form 2 prints
  • Print process changes to improve surface finish of Form 2 prints

PreForm 2.0.2

  • Add Flexible material settings for Form 2 printers (0.05 and 0.1 mm layer thicknesses)
  • Update EULA

PreForm 2.0.1

  • Printing to a Form 2 printer requires firmware 1.1 (update available via PreForm)
  • Updated material settings for
    • Black (0.025, 0.05 mm)
    • Grey (0.05 mm)
    • Clear (0.1 mm)
  • Improved behavior of the wiper during prints
  • Better error messages when printers become disconnected
  • Allow decimal entry in rotation tool input
  • Assorted UI improvements and bug fixes

PreForm 2.0.0

  • Form 2 support
    • Connect via USB or the network
    • Automatically detect and download firmware updates
    • Register your printer with your Dashboard on
  • One Click Print
    • Prepare your print in one click! Orients your part, generates supports, and arranges your models on the build platform
  • Support for multiple USB printers and networked Form 2s
    • Pick your printer type and material settings
    • Select a target printer when you're ready to print
  • Printers menu allows you to manage all your printers
    • Update printer firmware
    • Fine Tuning and Restart Last Print for Form 1/1+
    • Connect to your Form 2 by entering its IP address (if automatic connection fails)
  • Optimized Form 2 material settings available for Formlabs resins
    • Castable (0.025, 0.05, 0.1 mm)
    • Black (0.025, 0.05, 0.1 mm)
    • Clear (0.025, 0.05, 0.1 mm)
    • Grey (0.025, 0.05, 0.1 mm)
    • White (0.05, 0.1 mm)
    • Tough (0.05, 0.1 mm)
  • Miscellaneous
    • Many bug fixes and user interface improvements
    • Bonjour (a utility to find Form 2 printers on your network) bundled with PreForm on Windows

Firmware 1.3 - March 14, 2016

  • Better logging coverage for debugging customer issues
  • If cartridge is detected to be empty, allow the user to try to finish the print with the resin left in the tank
  • Check for new firmware updates daily

PreForm 1.9.2

  • Improved performance with Tough resin on Form 1+

PreForm 1.9.1

  • Last version to support Windows XP
  • Fix some reported crashes on Windows
  • Bug fixes for UI elements including scale tool and material select dialog
  • Updated camera animations
  • Support raft trimming and build volume corrected
  • Added xy position offset to Fine Tuning dialog
  • Improved settings for most resins for increased print reliability and consistency

PreForm 1.9.0

  • Tough resin support
  • Streamlined User Interface
    • Multiple language support (English, French, German, Japanese, Chinese)
    • Improved keyboard shortcuts dialog
    • More support links
    • Updated orientation tool (incremental rather than absolute rotations)
  • Major internal architecture changes for improved stability and performance
  • Increased reliability of support generation: should now work even on unsupported GPUs
  • Supports now cleared when switching to functional resins
  • Smaller-volume support rafts
  • “How was your last print?” feedback feature

PreForm 1.8.2

  • Improvements to prints using the 50 micron layer thickness for Version 02 Clear resin

PreForm 1.8.1

  • Can now print at 200 micron layer thickness with Clear resin
  • Improved support and quick release tab placement
  • Trim support bases to fit within build volume
  • Can no longer update firmware while printing

PreForm 1.8

  • Support structure overhaul
    • Completely new tree-like structures
    • New manual support mode: optimized structures generated from contact points
    • Reduced need for internal supports
    • Slice-slider view available in manual support mode (and it's upside down!)
    • Improved quick release tabs
    • More efficient geometry storage resulting in smaller .form files
  • Fast print time approximation
  • Support for Flexible resin
  • Updated firmware
    • Allows restarting your last print without re-uploading
  • Print feedback survey
  • Assorted bug fixes and performance improvements

PreForm 1.7.1

  • Improve print quality of fine details with Castable resin

PreForm 1.7

  • Material files for Castable, updated Grey, and updated Clear
  • Material selection updated to account for multiple versions of Grey and Clear
  • New PreForm icon and Form file icon
  • Improved reliability of support platform
  • Fine Tuning settings are now stored per printer rather than per computer

PreForm 1.6.1

  • Page Up and Page Down work correctly to move the slice slider on Windows
  • Rotation and Scale faster on large models
  • Bounding Box behaves correctly when a model uses inches

PreForm 1.6

  • Move pre-print workflow to status area and add links to print preparation support articles
  • Arrow keys rotate camera, and move/scale/translate models when appropriate tool is active
  • Faster print times for delicate models
  • Improved surface finish
  • Speed improvement opening files
  • Up to 50% faster auto orientation
  • In Support Edit Mode models are now colored blue
  • Show option to merge form files when dropped on icon in OS X
  • Default to the Form 1+ time estimate if no printer has been plugged in
  • Properly render quick release tabs after support edits
  • Fix issue where PreForm would crash on some Windows computers
  • Fix issue where model could disappear after editing supports

PreForm 1.5.2

  • Camera no longer moves when entering support edit mode
  • Updated Form 1+ material settings
  • Warn and don't generate supports if model extends outside build platform
  • Several UI tweaks and visual improvements
  • Faster calculation times for slice generation
  • Improve support base stability
  • Increase time estimate accuracy on some models
  • Fix assorted crashes when editing supports
  • Fix for occasional incorrect layers in refill pause calculation
  • Fix for PreForm crashing on launch on certain Windows configurations

PreForm 1.5.1

  • Present option to merge newly opened Form file into existing scene
  • Links to release notes from about PreForm and update dialogs
  • Add numeric readout to sliders in support tool
  • Wording changes to various dialogs and UI elements
  • Improvements to Form 1+ material settings
  • Re-enable ctrl-left-click to drag view in all modes
  • Re-enable showing window-resize cursors on all platforms
  • Fix issue where print could be started from support edit mode under certain conditions

PreForm 1.5

  • Form 1+ support (as well as backward compatibility!)
  • Updated EULA reflecting our new warranty information
  • Manual support editing capabilities
  • Black resin material settings
  • Improved print time estimation
  • Improved resin volume estimation
  • .form files now preserve viewing angle
  • handfuls of improvements to make PreForm faster, smarter, and more agile

Form 1 / Form 1+

Firmware 1.40

  • Restart print functionality

Firmware 1.3f

  • Peel cycle optimizations
  • Print speed optimizations
  • Add capability to better handle fine tuning settings
  • Fix occasional incorrect LCD display

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