Form 1+  High-Resolution 3D Printer

Professional-grade output, easy operation.

Form 1+ 50% faster

Easy Set-Up

A printer that just works. No calibration needed. Get set up and printing in as little as 15 minutes.

Quality Materials

High-performance resins engineered by our material scientists for reliable printing with astounding detail.

One-button Operation

Load your model via USB, hit a button, and get on with what's important: your design.

High Resolution on your Desktop

Precision engineering for unparalleled detail and a stunning finish.

Stereolithography Technology

Your digital models in laser-sharp detail.

Professional Output

Stereolithography is the industry standard in delivering beautiful, functional parts that plastic extrusion printers just can't match.

How does it work?

A high precision optical system directs a laser across a tank of liquid resin, solidifying layers as thin as 25 microns. The build platform pulls your model upwards, out of the tank.

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Designed for Performance

See how we made the Form 1+ even better.

A Complete Package

Everything you need to start printing at .

Form 1+, Finish Kit, Formlabs Resin, and PreForm software

The removable Build Platform helps you remove your part easily, and lets you get on with printing.

The Resin Tank is the transparent tray that holds the liquid resin at the heart of the Form 1+. It is easily removed and replaced for fast work with different resin formulations as well as regular maintenance.

The Award-Winning User Experience

Simple & intuitive printing, right out of the box.

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Educational Resources

Our online tutorials and guides help you get going, whether you're an expert modeler or a newcomer.

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All-star Support

Questions? Having problems or need troubleshooting help? Our full-time support team team is always ready help.

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PreForm Software

Download our 3D-printing software and get started. Automatic support generation makes model prep effortless.

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We've designed our finish kit to make the clean-up process as painless as possible. Design, print—and get on with your work.

Our Finish Kit

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Request a Sample Print

We're pleased to offer you a sample part in the material of your choice. Please note that at this time, we're unable to furnish multiple color samples to a single address.

Formlabs Castable sample parts should only be requested by customers experienced in investment casting who are interested in evaluating the superior burnout performance of Formlabs Castable resin.

Due to the volume of requests that we receive, we cannot guarantee the delivery of a sample by a specific date.


Visit a Form 1+ Near You

Formlabs is excited to start a pilot program in limited geographic areas to connect current Form 1+ owners to those who want to see the printer in action. Find a location convenient to you below and schedule your visit!

New York


304 Hudson Street, 6th floor
New York, NY 10013

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Tech Shop

926 Howard Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

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599 Fairchild Drive
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10 Prospect Street
Cambridge, MA 02139

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