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The Basics

From unpacking your printer to setting up and finishing your first print, follow this guide to get up and running with your Form 1+!
Install PreForm Software  ·  Set up the Form 1+  ·   Set up your print

Machine Care

Regular maintenance and cleaning of your Form 1+ is essential for successful printing. Follow these methods to keep your printer in perfect working condition.
Printer Care  ·  Resin Tank Overview  ·  Replacing Your Tank

Advanced Tips

Get the Formlabs inside tips and tricks on good modeling practices, advanced support structure settings, or different finishing techniques.
Design Models for Printability  ·  What Supports Do  ·  Model Orientation


If you’re having difficulty printing on your Form 1+, try these solutions before submitting a Helpdesk ticket with our Customer Support team.
Issues While Printing  ·  Part Defects  ·  Fine Tuning Your Form 1+

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to many of the questions you might have about our products.
Form 1+  ·  Materials  ·  Software