Choosing the Right Material

How to Identify Your Resin Version

With the release of our updated resin formulations, you now have several material options to choose from in PreForm. The material select dialog looks like this:

Material Selection Dialog

First, select your material. If the material only has one version, it will automatically select. If the material has two versions, you can choose the correct version based on the label on your resin bottle. If your resin bottle doesn't have a visible version number, it is version 01.

Resin bottle without formulation number
Resin bottle without formulation number
Resin bottle with formulation number
Resin bottle with formulation number

After you choose your material, make sure you select the correct layer thickness before you begin your print.


Be careful to never mix resins, even if they are different versions of the same color. Use a different resin tank for each resin to ensure successful prints!

Which Resin to Use

Chess Piece Gradient

Standard Resins

Clear: Transparency, polishes to near optical clarity, great for internal channels and working with light.
White: Neutral tone, slight opacity when thin, provides a great base color for painting prints.
Grey: Neutral tone, slight opacity when thin, great for showing off surface finish, photographs easily.
Black: Highly pigmented, our most opaque, high detail resin, great for printing small, accurate features.

Functional Resins

Flexible: Impact resistance, compression, great for ergonomic soft-touch grips.
Castable: Investment casting, blue color, slightly softer than standard resins before post-curing.
Tough: Impact resistance, cyclic stress or strain, machining, snap-fits and living hinges.

Layer Height Options

The technical properties of different resins allow some layer heights to be limited. Check which resin types you are using with the table below:

  25 Microns 50 Microns 100 Microns 200 Microns
Clear Resin
White Resin
Grey Resin
Black Resin
Castable Resin
Flexible Resin
Tough Resin
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