Flexible Resin

Our Functional Resin for Tactile Applications

Flexible is versatile, tactile, and impact-resistant. Push the boundaries of 3D printing by creating parts that are bendable and compressible. Flexible resin is excellent for prototyping, product design, and engineering. Learn more about using flexible resin.

Pliable and impact resistant

Functional Resins bring versatility to your Form 1+ 3D Printer.

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Ideal for

  • Impact resistance for functional engineering prototypes
  • Ergonomic prototyping: handles, grips
  • Prototyping soft overmolds
  • O-rings and gaskets in compression, seals
  • Stamps
  • Soft-touch coatings

Not suitable for

  • Simulating very high elongation materials (rubber band)
  • Very fine features or thin walls

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Comparison with other Flexible Materials

  Formlabs Flexible Stratasys Tango Series1 Rubber Band2
Elongation 90% 45–220% 750–850%
Tensile Strength 5.9–6.6 MPa 0.8–5.0 MPa 20–30 MPa
Hardness 80–90A 26–77A 20–30A


Capture incredible detail when printing precise models, or create tactile parts that benefit from a pliable material.

Strength & Precision

Its compression characteristics make this impact-resistant resin ideal for custom gaskets, grips, and flexible joints.

Surface Finish

Smooth finish perfect for tactile interfaces, wearables, and prototyping.

Handling & Safety

Our resins have been designed to be as safe as possible, but nevertheless, working with them requires care, similar to working with common adhesives or household cleaners. They do not have volatile solvents so special ventilation is not required, though skin contact should be avoided.

For more information about handling resin, download our Safety Data Sheets or learn more tips for resin maintenance online.

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