Get Ready to Receive Your Printer!

Here is some basic info on what to expect in the mail and what supplies to get while you wait.

Three parts of Form 1+ packaging

Your Form 1+ order will arrive in three separate packages:
1. Form 1+ – large printer box 
2. Form Finish Kit – medium box with your printer accessories
3. Resin – small box with 1 liter of resin

Make sure to obtain these supplies before your Form 1+ arrives:
1. A computer with a compatible operating system
2. Isopropyl alcohol (strength 90%+, 2 L to get started)
3. Additional disposable gloves (like latex, nitrile or neoprene)
4. Paper towels
5. A fine toothed comb
6. Excitement to start printing!

The following items are also recommended for machine care:
1. Novus 1 acrylic cleaner
2. Optic-grade (non-liquid) compressed air

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