Checking the Form 1+ Mirror


Exercise extreme caution when the mirror is exposed. Contact Customer Support before you clean your mirror or if you have any questions.

The Form 1+ uses precision laser optics that may need special attention from time to time. The mirrors in the Form 1+ optical system, called first surface mirrors, require special care different from conventional mirrors you might find around the house. To check your mirror for dust or resin spills, follow these steps.

1. Remove the build platform and resin tank

2. Check the mirror for dust and resin


Without the right lighting, some dust or oils on the mirror may be impossible to see. Move your light source around to inspect the mirror at various angles.

3. Clean the mirror with compressed air


Direct compressed air from a canister by bending the straw while holding the can upright so no liquid is expelled onto the mirror from inside the canister.

If compressed air does not remove all the dust particles, or oils are present on the mirror, contact Formlabs Customer Support . Do not do any additional cleaning without consulting Customer Support.

Contact Support

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