Formlabs Resin

Specially formulated in-house to deliver the highest quality output, our resin delivers functional performance without sacrificing the finished look.

Available in 1-liter bottles.

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  • Professional Finish
    Surface finish rivals the quality of high end industrial printers.
  • Ultra-Fine Details
    Photopolymer resin allows for fine details with laser precision.
  • Versatile Color
    Matte gray color is great for look-and-feel models, standalone parts, or even as a base color for painting.

Resin Features

  • Methacrylate Photopolymer Resin
  • Long shelf life when not exposed to light
  • Easily remove extra resin from parts using Form Finish rinse solution
  • Safe to use in a controlled environment
  • Low environmental impact with proper disposal

Resin Datasheets