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An end-to-end package. Printer, software, and post-processing kit that just works. Right out of the box.

Min. Feature
300 microns
(.012 inches)
Min. Layer Thickness
25 microns
(.001 inches)
Build Volume
125 x 125 x 165mm
(4.9 x 4.9 x 6.5 inches)
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Stereolithography (SL) technology approaches the highest resolution available in 3D printing, blowing away plastic extrusion (FDM) performance.

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The Form 1 combines great design and solid engineering to simplify the entire printing process, from our PreForm Software to the Form Finish post-processing kit.

Form 1: Real SL Technology

3D printed parts are only as good as the technology that made them. Stereolithography (SL) is the gold standard for 3D print resolution and surface finish. In this photopolymer-based process, a high precision system directs a laser across a tray of liquid resin and causes a thin layer to solidify. The build platform then rises in preparation for the next layer. After thousands of repetitions, your part is complete with exquisite detail.

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