Formlabs Webinar:

How to Use RTV Mold Making and 3D Printing: NeoSensory Case Study

Why you should watch

Understand how to bring short run production in-house to save money and time through the case study of RTV moldmaking at Neosensory. Using affordable 3D printing, Jose Balderas, prototype engineer at NeoSensory, was able to simplify the silicone rubber RTV moldmaking process, and reduce lead times by weeks.

In this webinar, Andrew Edman, applications engineer at Formlabs, and Balderas will explore how 3D printing can be used to create molds to produce short runs of units for testing, and walkthrough the complete workflow for creating molds for RTV casting for a wear device at Neosensory.

What you will learn

  • An overview of thermoforming, injection molding, machining, direct printing, and RTV molding processes
  • How to use 3D printing to bring RTV mold parts in-house without high labor costs
  • Design guidelines and tips for creating a mold in CAD
  • The step-by-step moldmaking workflow, including suggested materials and equipment

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