Formlabs Webinar:

Making Clear Aligners More Affordable Than Braces: An In-Office Approach

Wednesday, October 3rd 6:00 pm CET

Why you should watch

Producing clear aligners in-office is a cost-effective and highly flexible alternative to outsourcing aligner production from traditional vendors. However, sometimes it can be difficult to navigate through all the steps with an in-office workflow; like getting started with the software to design clear aligner models.

There are companies like eXceed Ortho, that provide a pay per case service without upfront costs. Patient scans can be submitted online and are easily turned into files ready for 3D printing. This webinar will provide an actionable step by step guide on how to get started with making your own aligners using eXceed Ortho and Formlabs.

Attend the webinar to learn

  • How to submit and review an eXceed aligner plan based on your patient scans
  • How to print working clear aligner models on a 3D printer
  • Tips and advice on clear aligner production in-office


Nir Danai

Nir was part of the founding team of Cadent, the company behind the iTero intra-oral scanner and the OrthoCAD software. In his last position before eXceed, he served as Director of International CAD/CAM sales at Align Technology, maker of the Invisalign device. Nir has a BA degree in Law from Sussex University, UK and an MBA from the Tel-Aviv University.

Nicolas Klaus

Nicolas works on the Dental team at Formlabs. Based in Berlin, he is responsible for product development and partnerships in the dental market. Previous to Formlabs, he worked in business consulting in Munich and New Delhi. Nicolas holds a M.Sc degree in Corporate Communications from the University of Amsterdam.

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