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Formlabs Webinar:

Affordable In-House 3D Printed Surgical Guides with 3Shape and Formlabs

Why you should watch

Desktop 3D printers are a catalyst for dental office productivity, with simple digital workflows that increase the return on investment of digital scanners and software. Learn with Daniel Whitley, DDS, as he walks through the digital workflow for in-house 3D printing, and the impact it's making on his dental practice. Watch now for more information on:

  • Industry trends with recent innovations in intraoral scanning and 3D printing
  • Common applications of 3D printers in the dental office
  • The complete digital workflow, from scanning to design to printing, using 3Shape TRIOS and the Form 2

What you will learn

Only a limited number of clinicians use guided surgery due to the high cost of most surgical guide fabrication systems. Watch the recording now to learn:

  • How to apply imaging technologies, software, and 3D printing to design and fabricate a surgical guide
  • How to design and print a surgical guide using 3Shape Implant Studio and the Formlabs Form 2 3D printer

The proper use of surgical guides improves clinical outcomes in dental implant surgeries with detailed presurgical planning and precise placement of implant bodies. Contact us to learn more or to speak to a Dental Specialist.

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