Formlabs White paper:

Digital Implantology with Desktop 3D Printing

Computer-aided implant planning and guided surgery provide high accuracy to dental implant placement and facilitate more predictable prosthetic outcomes than non-guided implant surgery. However, only a limited number of clinicians use guided surgery due to the high cost of most surgical guide fabrication systems. The Form 2 desktop 3D printer achieves the accuracy that dentistry requires at an affordable price.

This white paper will discuss:

  • Advantages of CAD/CAM surgical guides
  • Clinical case using the Form 2
  • Dimensional tolerances of Dental SG Resin
  • Recommendations for incorporating desktop 3D printing into your workflow

The proper use of surgical guides improves clinical outcomes in dental implant surgeries with detailed presurgical planning and precise placement of implant bodies. Fill out the form or contact us to speak to a Dental Specialist.

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