Ceramic Resin

Ceramic Resin is the first Form X material from Formlabs. This experimental material produces post-cured prints with a distinctive aesthetic that look and feel like ceramic. After firing, prints become pure ceramic parts, suitable for glazing. Ceramic Resin is under development and will be available in late 2017.

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Material Properties

The current formulation of Ceramic is optimized for reliable, detailed printing, and is a mixture of ceramic microparticles dispersed in a photopolymer resin. Objects printed in Ceramic Resin look and feel like ceramic without firing.

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Using Ceramic Resin

Successful printing with Ceramic requires some additional precautions, such as use of a polyester film to protect the build platform, vigorous shaking of the cartridge, and adherence to different design parameters.

If you choose to fire your parts, you’ll need to account for various shrinkage effects and use a programmable kiln.

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