Continuing Education Partners

Get even more out of your Formlabs 3D printer with courses in 3D design and digital workflows from our Continuing Education Partners.


Mold3D Academy

Mold3D Academy's goal is to produce high-quality educational programs to give artists and designers the tools they need to succeed in their careers. They focus on next generation technologies like 3D printing and 3D modeling.


ZBrushWorkshops provides the best ZBrush training on the planet, it's that simple. Their goal is to open up the hood of ZBrush and show you how everything fits together into an incredibly powerful artistic tool.

Digital Dentistry

Dr. Michael Scherer: Digital 3D Workshop

Dr. Scherer is an internationally recognized expert on dental implants, dentures, and digital technology. His Digital 3D Workshops feature in-depth training in intraoral scanning, CBCT, software modeling, and in office 3D printing of dental models and surgical guides.

Implant Educators

Implant Educators trains dentists to provide the highest level of dental implant treatment. They teach guided dental surgery which allows a dentist to place dental implants with the most precision of any current technique.

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