Printing With FDM? Earn Up To $400 Off the Form 3

As an FDM user, we're giving you up to $400 off the Form 3 to try SLA 3D printing. Verify your FDM machine by submitting your information directly to the form before December 24th, 2019. You’ll want to have a photograph of your printer's model, make, and serial name on-hand.

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How to Receive Your FDM Discount:


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Verify Your FDM Machine

Submit proof of purchase information about your FDM machine directly into the form below. You’ll want to have a photograph of your printer's model, make, and serial name on-hand.

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Find Out What You Qualify For 

One of our Sales Specialists will be in touch shortly to help you redeem either $400 off or a free liter of Draft Resin with purchase of the Form 3 or Form 3L.

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Expand Your Fleet by December 24th, 2019 

Your FDM discount is only valid until December 24th, so be sure to participate to expand your 3D printing capabilities before it expires.


The Form 3 Named Best Resin 3D Printer in 2019 by All3DP




“The Form 3 … is a sophisticated printer that can produce excellent quality prints with little maintenance or tweaking, making it a great pick for those who want to do a lot of printing without hassle… The Form 3 just works.” Tom’s Guide


“The Form 3 makes printing as fast, if not faster than comparable fused filament fabrication 3D printers not only possible but reliable and repeatable.” All3DP






"[The Form 3] is an SLA 3D printer that delivers incredible quality. In the world of 3D printers, this has all the bells and whistles you could ask for to ensure that you actually get successful prints." Make Magazine

Grow Your Fleet of 3D Printers

Scale prototyping and production as your business grows with up to $400 off the Form 3, an affordable, industrial-quality 3D printer that consistently delivers. The LFS™ print process behind the Form 3 adapts to your part’s geometry to balance high detail and high speed.

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