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Click titles to expand learn more about that session and who’s presenting. All sessions will be held on Tuesday, June 6 at the MIT Media Lab at 75 Amherst St, Cambridge, MA 02139.

8:00 AM

Registration + Breakfast

9:00 AM

Natan Linder, Formlabs + Tulip

Welcome to the first annual FUSE conference! As 3D printing secures its place at the forefront of digital manufacturing and low-volume production, we’ll delve into new applications and explore future possibilities. How do these dynamics affect Formlabs users across industries? Uncover the state of additive manufacturing today and get a sneak peek at where it’s going.

9:20 AM

Max Lobovsky, Formlabs | Dávid Lakatos, Formlabs

Welcome to the first annual FUSE conference! As 3D printing secures its place at the forefront of digital manufacturing and low-volume production, we’ll delve into new applications and explore future possibilities. How do these dynamics affect Formlabs users across industries? Uncover the state of additive manufacturing today and get a sneak peek at where it’s going.

9:50 AM

Eduardo Torrealba

The future of Formlabs isn’t just about stereolithography and the Form 2. Learn about big new developments on the horizon for Formlabs products and get a sneak peek at the future of professional 3D printing.

10:30 AM

Gain insight and inspiration from across disciplines in this series of lightning talks. Industry leaders from engineering, modelmaking, and product design in manufacturing, education, jewelry, dentistry, and medicine will share their thoughts about the state of their respective industries and how they’re challenging the status quo and transforming their workflows.

11:10 AM

Break | Demos + Exhibitions

11:40 AM


Moderator: Gideon Balloch, Formlabs | Michael Scherer, American Board of Prosthodonists | Michael Itagaki, Embodi 3D /Radia

The most powerful technology is often the most inaccessible. It’s too expensive, has a high learning curve, and isn’t built to mesh with existing processes. How can you achieve the same high-quality output and value that cutting-edge tech offers, without the barriers? Meet two experts invested in translating technology for the real-world, changing the way professionals use these tools while dramatically increasing ROI and leading the way toward adoption and integration of digital workflows in dentistry and medicine.

Ed Tackett, Jerry Shaw, Emily Glass

Educating a workforce for the 21st century is an imperative. Get insights from successful programs pioneering new education models and integrating technology into their curricula. See how these educators are building skills in response to changing demand, and how this change is contributing to the development of new roles, employment profiles, and jobs. Examine different approaches, the value of experimentation, and how to scale. We’ll look at the challenges of introducing new tools and tech both in classrooms and as a part of the evolving workforce.

Marcelo Coelho, Skylar Tibbits, Philip Beesley, Stefanie Mueller

In this talk, we turn to the worlds of fashion, art, and architecture, industries which often offer a glimpse into boundary-pushing design that could one day integrate into our day-to-day. Moderated by Formlabs' Head of Design, panelists will discuss how they leverage unexpected materials to merge science and tech with design in ways that challenge traditional thinking and explore possibilities of the future of the way we live and create.

12:20 PM

Lunch | Demos + Exhibitions

1:30 PM


Spencer Wright, Sarah Boisvert, Tim Gornet, Jon Hirschtick

Additive manufacturing (AM) is changing the way we design, from making impossible geometries to enabling generative design practices. However, AM presents its own set of challenges. Speakers will showcase various additive design projects, sharing insights, education implications, optimization techniques, and how to avoid pitfalls. Bring your questions and examine how to turn challenges into opportunities that push the design envelope.

Lyman Connor, Zeb Wood, Raphael Stargrove

Cross-industry collaboration can lead to better, more creative solutions, but what does that look like in practice? How does a collaborative approach to problem-solving inspire new ideas and creative solutions? Join us for an interactive discussion between two innovators taking on the ultimate customization project: the human body. Learn from a GE engineer and media professor collaborating across industry lines to change the way prosthetics are designed, manufactured, and sold.

Alex McCarthy, JJ Hernandez, Lindsay Hunting, Max Zieringer

Go behind the scenes with Formlabs’ in-house materials science team to learn about how we develop resins for the Form 2. We’ll start with a live demo of how resins are made and how to optimize properties during post-processing, then share stories about the development of Durable, High Temp, Grey, and Ceramic Resins from the scientists behind these materials.

2:10 PM

Ian Ferguson, Andrey Mishchenko, Eduardo Torrealba, Jennifer Milne, Ben Einstein

After 5 years of trials, tribulations, and learning, Formlabs has transitioned from scrappy crowdfunded startup to thriving global tech company. In this session, Formlings will share stories from the inside. From walking through the history of how we got to where we are today, to the evolution of Formlabs hardware, software, and materials between the Form 1, Form 1+, and Form 2, this session will offer a candid discussion of some of our greatest successes and failures along the way.

2:50 PM

Break | Demos + Exhibitions

3:20 PM


Jennier Milne, Robert Vignone, Kat Ely, Larissa Nietner

3D printing has long been used for prototyping, and now, it’s increasingly playing a role as a final production tool, from mold making to printing final, end-use parts. This session offers tips for finishing parts and choosing how and when to use 3D printing in production. Learn how the advent of new materials will evolve what’s possible in additive manufacturing. Hear from an acclaimed digital artist leveraging 3D printing to launch a new business and the co-founder and principal designer of a product design consultancy specializing in producing small-batch custom robotics parts.

Luke Winston, David Cranor, Dan Dempsey, Nadya Peek

Conversations about 3D printing often focus on the unit—the end product or part. A digital factory, however, centers around producing many units. This panel is about scaling beyond the unit, while still maintaining the freedom that digital fabrication offers; the ability to produce both many, and unique, parts. Panelists will explore various perspectives on scaling the production of customized units, from short runs of art and engineering pieces to mass fabrication of unique consumer products at multinational companies like New Balance. We’ll also discuss scaling on the organizational level, taking examples from companies built around digital fabrication that have replicated and grown.

Marcelo Coelho, Brian Chan, Yoav Reches, Skylar Tibbits

4:30 PM

Speakers TBA

We have printers all over the office, so our engineers and designers print day in, day out, 24/7. Through this experience, we’ve come up with some pretty incredible tricks and tips to push the limits of the Form 2. Hear our favorite, wackiest, and most helpful hacks for prepping, printing, finishing, and everything in between.

5:00 PM

Closing Remarks

6:00 PM

Join us at our Somerville HQ at 35 Medford St., Somerville, MA 02143 to meet the faces behind Formlabs, mingle with fellow users, and get a look behind the scenes at where the magic is made every day! Enjoy snacks, drinks, exhibits, demos, and office tours.

The Formlabs User Conference

MIT Media Lab | June 6, 2017

The first Formlabs FUSE Conference will celebrate the community of people using our technology to change the way things are made and solve global problems. Join us to exchange best practices, hacks, and applications, share ideas within and across disciplines, hear expert advice from industry leaders and the Formlabs team, and get a sneak peak into future product plans.

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