Manufacturing Hawley Retainers on 3D Printed Models

Produce Orthodontic Models for Wire Retainers at Scale


Hawley retainers can be produced digitally by manufacturing the appliance over a 3D printed model, greatly improving efficiency and reducing turnaround time. Now any lab or practice can add this valuable service with little initial investment and produce retainers in-house.



The Workflow for Making Hawley Retainers on 3D Printed Models


1. Scan

Collect patient anatomy digitally using an intraoral scanner, or scan a physical model or impression using a desktop scanner.


Hawley Design
2. Design

Import the scan data into CAD software to build the models and, if needed, remove brackets virtually.

3. 3D Print

Prepare the 3D models for 3D printing using PreForm software before sending them to the Formlabs printer.

Hawley Prepare
4. Prepare

Wash, dry, and post-cure printed parts using Form Wash and Form Cure.

Hawley Separate
5. Apply Separator

The separating medium prevents the printed model from binding to the acrylic retainer during the acrylic polymerization process.

Hawley Wireframe
6. Create the Wire Frame

Use wire-bending pliers to form the arch wire and contour it to the patient’s dentition.

Hawley Acrylic
7. Apply Acrylic

Use the same techniques you would with traditional stone models to apply acrylic to the model.

Hawley Finishing
8. Finish

Smooth all surfaces, then apply a wax coat to impart a glossy finish.


3D Printing Models for Hawley Retainers With the Form 2


Fast and Cost-Effective Production

3D printing dental models must be efficient, fast, and reliable. With the Form 2, print large builds overnight and smaller, faster builds during the day to reduce labor needs and maximize output. As production needs evolve, scale up without spending tens of thousands of dollars for each additional unit.


Print Capacity and SpeedForm 2
5 maxillary retainer models5 h 11 min
Maximum number of models per build10
Models printed in an 8-hour working day and overnight build15


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Low Cost, Fast Return on Investment

Before bringing new technology into your dental practice or laboratory it's important to do your financial due diligence. Printing orthodontic models on the Form 2 is affordable and requires less labor than other 3D printers.


CostForm 2
Lower horseshoe arch$2
Full palate model$4


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What Our Customers Say About Working With the Form 2



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“The Form 2 is very reliable; we call it a workhorse. We know when we go home at night that when we come in in the morning, everything will be printed. There's not going to be a failure; everything will be there. Because of that, we can build our business around them” – Sean Thompson, Adv.Prosth/Adv.Orth./DIP.PS.(dist) M.P.T. M.M.U./L.O.T.A., founder and director at Ashford Orthodontics


One Printer, Many Dental Indications

The Form 2 enables cost-effective, mass-customized digital production of a wide range of dental products.


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