3D Printed Dental Surgical Guides

Implant Surgery with Better Clinical Outcomes Made Affordable


CBCT, virtual placement planning, and surgical guides have become the standard of dental care to increase the accuracy of implant placements, decrease risks, and improve clinical results.

The Form 2 3D printer by Formlabs offers high precision, reliability, and streamlined user experience at an affordable price for dental labs and practices. Dental professionals worldwide have successfully completed more than 100,000 guided oral surgeries using guides printed on the Form 2 with Dental SG Resin.

The Digital Workflow for Dental Surgical Guides

1. Scan

Collect the anatomy of the patient's dentition digitally with an intraoral scanner, or scan an impression with a desktop scanner and collect the anatomy of the patient osteotomy with a CBCT or conebeam scanner.

2. Design

Import the scan data from the intraoral or desktop scanner and the CBCT scanner into CAD software to plan treatment and produce a guide.

3. Print

Import the designed CAD file into PreForm print preparation software for print setup and send it easily to a Formlabs printer.

4. Prepare

Wash, dry, and post-cure the printed guide using Form Wash and Form Cure.

5. Polish and Finish

Remove support structures, lightly grind the guide to smooth any imperfections left, and polish it to shine.

6. Complete

Sterilize the finished guide in an autoclave before use in the mouth.

3D Printing Surgical Guides with the Form 2

High Accuracy

Using Dental SG Resin, the Form 2 consistently produces high accuracy surgical guides to help you guarantee accurate implant placement.

To learn more about or accuracy study click below.

Download the Accuracy Study

Dental Surgical Guides Printed Fast and Efficiently

The Form 2, powered by stereolithography (SLA), has a large build plate allowing users to do small quick batches or full build plates for unattended production.

Parts Per Build

Print Time at 100 Microns

29 Quarter Arch Surgical Guides 3 hr
1 Quarter Arch Surgical Guide 44 min
8 Full Arch Surgical Guides 3 h 30 min
1 Full Arch Surgical Guide 1 h 19 min

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Low Cost, Fast Return on Investment

It has to make financial sense before bringing 3D printing into your dental practice or laboratory. With the Form 2 the return on investment is incredibly attractive even for a few guides a month.

Print Cost

Form 2

Full Arch Surgical Guide $3—$5
Quarter Arch Surgical Guide $1.5—$2.5

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Webinar: Digital Dentistry with Desktop 3D Printing

Join Formlabs and Michael Scherer DMD, MS, APC for our webinar on the benefits of using digital dentistry and 3D printing to decrease cost and improve patient outcome.

Watch the recording now if you want more information on:

  • Dr. Scherer’s process for using in-practice desktop 3D printing
  • How 3D printing can help make oral surgeries faster, safer, and more cost-effective
  • Actual techniques and what it takes to go from mouth to print and back again

Watch the Webinar Now

White Paper: Digital Implantology with Desktop 3D Printing

Learn more about dental surgical guides by downloading our white paper, co- authored by Daniel Whitley, DDS and Sompop Bencharit, PhD, DDS, MS, FACP, to learn more about:

  • Recommendations for incorporating desktop 3D printing into your workflow
  • The proper use of surgical guides to improve clinical outcomes in dental implant surgeries
  • Results from a clinical case using the Form 2

Download the White Paper Now

One Printer, Many Dental Indications

The Form 2 enables cost-effective, mass-customized digital production of a wide range of dental products.


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Control Your Digital Future With the Form 2

The Form 2 Complete Package comes with everything you need to bring high precision 3D printing into your dental lab or dental office.

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