Chase Me: A 3D Printed Film

Filmmaker spent two years creating animated film, Chase Me, from 2,500 3D-printed pieces

Gilles-Alexandre Deschaud

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French digital artist Gilles-Alexandre Deschaud created an ambitious short film entirely from parts printed on the Form 1 +. The story begins with a ukelele-playing girl walking through a magical forest. During her stroll, her shadow evolves into a monster who chases her through the woods. The animated film took 2 years to make and used 80 liters of Formlabs Clear, Black, and Grey resin.

The set and characters for Chase Me were printed in 100 micron resolution, with minimal finishing beyond the removal of the support material. Bigger pieces, like the tree in the forest, were printed in 22 individual parts, then assembled. The set for Chase Me is made from 12 different assembled multi-print pieces.

Deschaud has a passion for storytelling through mixed media. “When I first saw the Form 1 3D printer on Kickstarter, I knew that was what I needed to make a 3D printed film. I wanted to bring 3D printing technology to the art of stop-motion animation to create a new kind of film,” says Gilles-Alexandre.

“I wouldn't been able to have such tiny, complex and detailed prints without the Form 1 printer.”

Chase Me is showing at prestigious international film festivals including Annecy International Animation Festival and Cannes Film Festival.

To find out more, visit the film’s website at

Chase Me waterfall

Chase Me Walking

Chase Me Growing Tree

3D printed Chase Me film

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