The Formlabs User Conference

MIT Media Lab | June 6, 2017

The first Formlabs FUSE Conference will celebrate the community of people using our technology to change the way things are made and solve global problems. Join us to exchange best practices, hacks, and applications, share ideas within and across disciplines, hear expert advice from industry leaders and the Formlabs team, and get a sneak peak into future product plans.


Lyman Connor

Handsmith | GE

Zeb Wood


Jon Hirschtick


Spencer Wright


Robert Vignone


Emily Glass

NuVu Studio

Jeremy Shaw

Somerville High

Mike Itagaki


Dr. Michael Scherer

American Board of Prosthodontics

Kat Ely

CLEAR Design Lab

Ed Tackett

University of Louisville

Tim Gornet

University of Louisville

Skylar Tibbits

MIT Self-Assembly Lab

Natan Linder

Tulip, Formlabs

Ben Einstein


Stefanie Mueller


David Cranor

Derestricted, Formlabs

Philip Beesley

Living Architecture Systems Group

Cyril Saelens


Daniel Dempsey

New Balance

Sarah Boisvert

Fab Lab Hub

Larissa Nietner

Qwartzi | PhD candidate at MIT

Raphael Stargrove


Nadya Peek

MIT Center for Bits and Atoms

Marcelo Coelho

Formlabs, MIT

Eduardo Torrealba


Dávid Lakatos


Max Lobovsky


Formlabs Speakers

Scott Johnston

Electrical Engineering Lead

Lindsay Hunting

Materials Scientist

JJ Hernandez

Materials Engineer

Alex McCarthy

Materials Scientist

Jory Block

Community Manager

Lauren Watkins

Pinshape Team Lead

Gideon Balloch

Product Manager

Yoav Reches

Product Designer

Jenni Milne

Product Manager

Luke Winston

Head of Sales & Services

Andrey Mishchenko

Lead Algorithm Developer

Kevin Gautier

Business Development

Brian Chan


Ian Ferguson

Lead Engineer


Throughout the day our speakers will come together in interactive, 40 min breakout sessions exploring the following topics:

  • Design for Additive Manufacturing: Possibilities and Pitfalls
  • Democratizing Digital Workflows
  • Choosing the Right Production Process
  • Problem Solving Across Industry Lines: Lessons for Interdisciplinary Collaboration
  • Educating the Workforce of Today and Tomorrow
  • Print Cells, Anywhere: Scaling Multi-Printer Operations
  • Formlabs Behind the Scenes
  • Leveraging Material Behavior in Design
  • …and more!

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