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Inspire students with cutting-edge technology that's easy to use and manage. Accelerate research with a tool that's as powerful as your work, but fits on your desk.

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In the Classroom

Encourage creativity and expose students to professional-level technology that prepares them for the future. Easily integrate 3D printing into STEAM curricula with an accessible, multifunctional tool with applications across science, engineering, art, and design. Check out our article on 4 Ways to Use 3D Printing as a Teaching Tool for inspiration.

Read the article: MIT students use desktop SLA to work from CAD design to product.

For Fab Labs

Affordably incorporate professional desktop stereolithography into your fab lab, with minimal footprint. Manage multiple printers from an online dashboard and take advantage of an extensive online library of training aids. Learn how with our tutorial on how to build a makerspace.

Read the article: Somerville High School’s Fabville exposes 300 students a year to digital fabrication technologies, including desktop SLA, through the school’s advanced manufacturing & engineering program.

As a Research Tool

Create accurate three-dimensional visualisations, custom, precision parts, or explore cutting-edge applications – all with one reliable machine. The Form 2 will help push your research to the next level by prototyping new methods and approaches right on your desktop.

Watch the video: A Harvard scientist prints millifluidic devices for research.

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