How Pankl Reduced Costs and Lead Time in Manufacturing With Next-Day Custom Jigs

Learn how and why Pankl Racing Systems, a manufacturer that specializes in developing and manufacturing engine and components for high performance vehicles and the aerospace industry, brought stereolithography 3D printing in-house with the Form 2. Walk through a case study where the Pankl team was able 3D print custom jigs within 24 hours, reducing lead time by 90% and costs by over 80%.

Download the case study to learn:

  • The challenges Pankl faced when a customer substantially increased order volume for custom parts
  • How Pankl was able to fulfill its customers’ demand buy u to replacing outsourced machined jigs with custom jigs 3D printed in-house on the Form 2
  • How the company is scaling its use of 3D printing

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