High Precision 3D Printing for Your Dental Lab or Practice

The Form 2 makes high precision 3D printing affordable for dental businesses of all sizes. An incredibly low footprint and cost-effective dental materials means fast return on investment and the freedom to scale production as your business grows.

Form 2 for Digital Dentistry

High precision 3D printing, intuitive software, and a growing library of specialized materials enable a wide range of dental applications, all in one package.

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Form 2 for Digital Dentistry

High precision 3D printing, intuitive software, and a growing library of specialized materials enable a wide range of dental applications, all in one package.

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One Printer, Many Dental Applications

Crown & Bridge Models

Designed for printing crown and bridge models with removable dies, Dental Model Resin is a high-precision, high-accuracy resin. Print crisp margins and contacts within ± 35 microns, and removable dies with consistently tight fit. A smooth, matte surface finish and color similar to gypsum make it easy to switch from analog to digital model production.

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Surgical Guides

An autoclavable, Class 1 biocompatible resin, Dental SG is designed for printing precise surgical guides and similar devices. Read our white paper to learn how we verified the performance of Dental SG, now trusted by clinicians for thousands of implant surgeries.

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Splints & Retainers

A Class IIa biocompatible resin, the high fracture and wear resistance of Dental LT Clear make it ideal for splints, retainers, and other direct-printed orthodontic devices. With a clear color, it polishes to high optical transparency for beautiful final products.

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Orthodontic & Diagnostic Models

The smooth matte finish of standard Grey Resin shows details exceptionally well. It is ideal for a variety of dental applications, including orthodontic, diagnostic, and educational models, as well as for vacuum-forming aligners or other appliances. When used with a clear separator, Grey Resin can also be used to make retainers.

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Fast Return on Investment

Affordable materials and accessible machine pricing make the Form 2 a cost-effective and scalable dental 3D printer for dental labs or practices of any size. Get a return on investment within months rather than years.

Quad Model with Dies

Full Arch Model with Dies

Quarter Arch Surgical Guide

Splint / Retainer

Full Arch Orthodontic Model

Parts per Build 16 quadrants and dies 4 arches and dies 18 guides 12 splints 9 arches
Time when printing 50 micron layers 2 quadrants / 3 hours
16 quadrants / 8.5 hours
2 arches / 5.5 hours
4 arches / 8 hours
1 guide / 2.5 hours
18 guides / 6 hours
1 splint / 2.5 hours
12 splints / 8 hours
1 arch / 1.3 hours
9 arches / 4.8 hours
(100 micron layers)
Cost per Part $1.5 / quadrant $3-5 / arch $2-3 / guide $4-6 / splint $1.5-3.5 / arch

Learn How to Integrate 3D Printing into Your Workflow

Digital Dental Model Production with High Accuracy 3D Printing

Digital methods of fabricating dental models, such as 3D printing, have become prevalent as a solution to many of the problems associated with traditional production methods–but only if clinicians can trust that the models are sufficiently accurate.

See How We Measure Accuracy

Digital Implantology with Desktop 3D Printing

Proper use of surgical guides can improve clinical outcomes in dental implant surgeries. Learn more about Formlabs digital implantology solutions.

Learn About Digital Implantology

Digital Dentistry with Desktop 3D Printing

Dr. Scherer outlines his process for using in-practice desktop 3D printing to print accurate surgical guides.

Discover Digital Dentistry

Industrial Production On Your Desktop

“The Form 2 has enabled our restorative practice to use precision surgical guides at a fraction of the cost previously attainable. We now utilize three Form 2 printers for surgical guide and medical model production. The return on investment has been a ridiculously short two months for the first two printers and just three weeks for third printing models. Our Form 2s have given us the ability to satisfy our core principles of quality care and CBCT justification in a truly cost effective manner for all of our patients.”
– Dr. Timothy Hart, DDS, MS, Prosthodontist

Digital Dentistry with the Form 2

Bring 3D printing to your lab or practice for .

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