Formlabs Case Study:

In-House 3D Printing Speeds up Prototyping and Testing in Medical Device Development

Manufacturing and prototyping with 3D printing speeds up the design and development cycles for engineers and designers across industries. Medical device prototypes need to fit the organic shapes of the human body, and so must strike the perfect balance between size, weight, and shape while functioning smoothly being for tests and iterations.

Medical device design company Coalesce Product Development uses stereolithography (SLA) 3D printing to create complex, customized forms that are robust, durable, and easy to post-process. In-house prototyping and testing with 3D printing provide the accuracy of traditional mold production while significantly reducing lead time and cost.

Download the case study to learn:

  • The benefits of a digital manufacturing workflow for medical devices with complex geometries such as Coalesce's inhalers
  • How Coalesce replicates the characteristics of an injection molded plastic part with Formlabs Black, White, and Clear Resins for medical devices and tooling
  • How in-house SLA 3D printing enabled Coalesce to achieve a 80–90 percent reduction in lead time and a 96 percent reduction in cost

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