Basic Finishing Steps

Here are the basic finishing steps for your print. For more ideas, check out other options for finishing.

1. Remove the build platform


Always remove the build platform before removing the resin tank to avoid dripping leftover material into the printer body. Close the cover immediately after removing the platform to prevent ambient light from curing resin in the tank.

2. Use the scraper to remove print


Work the corner of the scraper under a quick release tab in the base of your model to loosen and remove your part with ease.

3. Rinse part in IPA


Cover the rinse tub, shake for 2 minutes and let your part soak for 10 minutes. Move your part to the second rinse basket, shake and repeat for a total soak time of 20 minutes.

After each print, clean excess resin from the build platform and return it to the Form 1+. Leaving a wet build platform on the accessory kit makes it very hard to clean later.

Now that you’ve finished your part, keep your resin tank clean and ready for future prints.

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