Shipping Your Form 1+

To safely transport the Form 1+, use all the original packaging and follow the correct repacking procedure.

1. Clean the build platform

Wearing gloves, remove the build platform from the Form 1+. Clean the surface of excess resin by first scraping excess resin into the tank. Then, wipe off the build platform using a paper towel soaked in IPA. 

2. Wrap and secure the build platform

Wrap the build platform in plastic wrap to catch any leftover resin. Store the build platform in a cool dark place. 

3. Remove and Store the Resin Tank

Wearing gloves, remove the resin tank by the tabs. Cover and store outside the printer.

Form 1+ Resin Tank

4. Secure the Cover with Edge Protectors

Your printer came with two white edge protectors. Position these over the front edges on either side, then bind in place using plastic wrap. If you no longer have your edge protectors, it is possible to make some by scoring cardboard. Wrap plastic wrap around the sides of the machine and around the top.


To check if the cover is secure, try pushing the cover from side to side. It should feel well secured to the base of the machine.

5. Rebox the Machine

You will need the original Form 1+ packaging (box, two suspension inserts, cardboard insert).

  • Insert the first suspension insert with the plastic film facing upwards.
  • Lay the wrapped Form 1+ on its side on top of the insert.
  • Center the printer on the plastic film.
  • Place the second insert on top of the printer with the plastic film against the machine, facing away from you.
  • Insert the additional cardboard cap layer with the flat side down.
  • Close the box and seal along the top flaps and sides to secure the suspended printer in place. 

Your printer is now ready for transportation!


Before you send off your printer, make sure you keep your resin tank, build platform, as well as power and USB cords. These will not ship back with your printer!

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