PreForm Software Issues

Below are a few tips on resolving issues that can occur in PreForm Software. Learn more about error messages reported from a Form 2 touchscreen.

File Import Error Message

PreForm Software will warn you if an .STL or .OBJ file has holes or other irregularities and offer to attempt automatic repair. If the repair is successful, use PreForm’s slicer (on the right-hand side or PgUp/PgDown) to check through your part with the slicer and ensure there are no unknown holes within the object. If the repair is not successful, check the .STL file you are using to make sure it is made properly. Make changes to the object’s mesh if necessary.

Form 1+ Appears Disconnected

Sometimes PreForm’s orange Form button may display the disconnected USB icon even when your printer is connected and otherwise recognized as a device. This can happen if you have two instances of PreForm open. Save your files, then close and re-open Preform. Alternatively, this can sometimes be resolved by simply unplugging the Form 1+ and reconnecting to a different USB slot.

If you cannot see a second instance of PreForm, open your task manager to check for other instances of PreForm running in the background. Close additional instances.

Open your device manager to ensure your computer is recognizing the printer. If it is not recognized, try uninstalling and then reinstalling PreForm.

Software Crashing

The most common causes of a software crash are out-of-date graphics card drivers and unnecessarily large or broken .STL or .OBJ files. Make sure the file you import is not too large (100+MB is big). Contact your computer manufacturer to update your graphics card drivers if you are experiencing frequent crashes.

Supports Not Generating

The most likely reason supports will not generate is out-of-date graphics card drivers. Contact your computer manufacturer to update these and then resume with support structure generation.

Updating Firmware

Check your PreForm version number by opening “About PreForm” from the help bar menu in Windows or the “PreForm” menu on a Mac.

To check your firmware version, hold the printer's button for three seconds from the off mode. When you release the button, the screen will display the printer’s information, including the printer’s firmware version.

To update your firmware, connect the printer to a computer running the latest version of PreForm. It will automatically prompt the user to update in this case.

You can update the firmware manually by going into the “Help” bar in Windows or the “PreForm” menu on a Mac and selecting “Update Firmware.”

Could Not Open DFU Device

To correct this error, first unplug and then reconnect the power supply. Save any open files, then close and re-open PreForm.

If PreForm continues to display “could not open DFU device,” the printer may be in DFU mode, or your computer is not recognizing the printer. Contact support for instructions on how to reload your firmware.

Running in a Virtual Machine

We do not support running PreForm in a virtual machine, so everything might not work correctly. If you want to try running in a virtual machine, make sure you have 3D graphics acceleration turned on for best results.

To do this in VMWare, go to the menu bar and select Virtual Machine > Settings > Display > then turn on accelerate 3D graphics. Note that the virtual machine will have to be shut down in order to make this change.

Surface Pro Installation

If having an issue opening PreForm on your Microsoft Surface Pro, try either of the following steps:

Choose to update your operating system to Windows 8.1.
Update your graphics driver directly from the manufacturer's website (e.g., Intel), rather than using the Microsoft updates.
*Future Microsoft updates may replace the manufacturer's drivers.

Software Bugs

We are always working to improve our software. We appreciate your help in spotting potential problems. If you encounter what you think is a software bug, check if you have the latest version of PreForm Software. If the bug persists after updating PreForm, submit a ticket with details, screenshots of your experience, and information about your operating system, PreForm version, graphics card, and processor. Our software team will do its best to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

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