Formlabs Webinar:

How to Create a Successful Fab Lab: Tips from Ivy Tech Engineering

Why you should watch

3D printers are powerful tools for prototyping, educational models, small batch production, and more. Learn with Jason Roth, assistant dean of the Advanced Manufacturing Program at Ivy Tech, as he walks through how to create and integrate 3D printing into a successful fabrication lab. Watch our webinar for more information on:

  • The logistics of setting up a new fabrication lab
  • Different 3D printing technologies and how they work
  • How CAD and 3D printing can help support engineering and design curriculum

What you will learn

  • Key hardware and software tools Ivy Tech implemented in their fabrication lab
  • How to choose the right 3D printing technology for your needs
  • How Ivy Tech is using 3D printing and CAD in their curriculum

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