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How To Print and Cast Jewelry With Castable Wax Resin

Why you should watch

Affordable 3D printers make it easy to print incredibly detailed parts, but there is a steep learning curve moving from casting waxes to casting resin pieces, and many jewelers struggle to get the clean casting results they’re looking for. If you’re already using digital design and outsourcing production, bringing 3D printing in-house can streamline your workflow, giving you full control of your production process and faster turnaround times.

In this webinar, learn about how to design, print, and cast our newest jewelry material, Castable Wax Resin, and hear from Abbas Saleh, one of Austria’s leading jewelers experts, who will take you through his step-by-step process to achieve consistently high quality prints with clean casting results.

What you will learn

  • How an Austrian goldsmith incorporated the Form 2 and Castable Wax into his 3D printing workflow to achieve the highest quality of prints, including a step-by-step guide to clean and precise casting
  • An overview of 3D printing applications for jewelry production and how the technology can complement your current digital workflow, from design prototypes and client try-ons, to vulcanization and casting masters
  • Best practices for printing with Castable Wax Resin and tips for effectively sprueing parts prior to casting
  • Time and cost savings of bringing jewelry production in-house with desktop 3D printing


Abbas Saleh

Abbas Saleh is a 3D designer who has worked in all steps of production, from look development and prototyping to final production for companies like Adidas, Red Bull, and the National Art Museum in Vienna.

As a trained goldsmith, Saleh has experience in traditional jewelry production, and knows how to integrate modern tools like 3D modelling and 3D printing into traditional craftsmanship to help stay competitive in the jewelry world of today.

Amanda Efthimiou, EU Jewelry Partnerships, Formlabs

Amanda works closely with jewelry customers, designers, partners, and casterss, largely in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. She focuses on product discovery, site visits, and uncovering best practices to share the latest tips and tricks from in the field and ensure our recommendations and products suit the needs of regional markets.

Amos Dudley, Applications Engineer, Formlabs

Amos Dudley is an applications engineer at Formlabs, dedicated to developing best practices in digital workflows where 3D printing is one step in a more advanced process. Amos led applications validation on Castable Wax, developing our usage guide and optimizing the recommended burnout schedule. Amos is an experienced CAD designer with a background in digital design, architecture, and additive manufacturing.

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