The Wait is Over

The Wait is Over

From the very first days of Kickstarter, we’ve been asked time-and-time again — do you have Castable Resin? Today, we’re thrilled to say that we do.

Incredible Insects 3D printed on the Form 1+ 3D Printer

Incredible Insects 3D printed on the Form 1+ 3D Printer

We were blown away when we first saw the incredibly life-like insects by Austrian artist and model-maker Klaus Leitl posted on our forums. His insect models — printed on the Form 1+ SLA 3D Printer — are scaled some 30 times, with some measuring up to 53 inches (135cm) long, and comprised of up to 22 printed parts.

Make Bumpy your own: A Tutorial

Make Bumpy your own: A Tutorial

Bumpy, an open source mp3 player, printed on the Form 1+ 3D printer. The fine resolution of desktop SLA printing can be seen on the textured surface of the player.

Hello, Australia and Singapore!

Hello, Australia and Singapore!

Formlabs is now shipping Form 1+ 3D Printers to Australia and Singapore. Customers in these countries can order the Form 1+ 3D Printer, resin, and printing accessories straight from our International Store.

Print The Legend Premieres On Netflix Today

Print The Legend Premieres On Netflix Today

Filmmakers Clay Tweel, Luis Lopez and producer Steven Klein followed us on our journey two years ago. In Print The Legend, they tell our story, and that of the 3D printing industry. Print the Legend premieres on Netflix today. Check it out!

Printing Lenses on the Form 1+ 3D Printer

Printing Lenses on the Form 1+ 3D Printer

This monocle is assembled from parts printed on a Formlabs Form 1+ 3D printer in our Black and Clear resins.

Modeling for 3D Printing: Tips by Jeremy Ortiz

Modeling for 3D Printing: Tips by Jeremy Ortiz

We invited designer and digital sculptor Jeremy Ortiz(@zbrushninja) to share his top tips on modeling for the Form 1+ 3D printer.

“As a digital designer, I knew if I wanted to be able to take my ZBrush sculptures into the real world, I needed a printer that could capture the fine details of my sculpts. The Form 1+ is the only desktop 3D printer that offers a level of detail that could effectively and accurately reproduce my sculptures with a superior level of detail and quality that was on par with industrial printers.”

Formlabs + Instructables Contest

Formlabs + Instructables Contest

Creating, designing, and collaborating are at the heart of why we launched the Form 1+ 3D printer. Today, we’re excited to be part of this amazing contest with one of our favorite communities, Instructables.

Print the Legend Trailer is out!

Print the Legend Trailer is out!

Cast your eyes on the trailer for Print the Legend, the definitive documentary on the 3D printing industry produced by Chad Troutwine (“Freakonomics”) and Audax Films, coming to you via Netflix on Sep 26.

Hello from 3D Printshow London

Hello from 3D Printshow London

London Calling! We’re here at 3D Printshow London, happening from today till Saturday at Old Billingsgate. Come by to see the Form 1+ 3D Printer in action at Stand P8.

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