Shipping Flexible

Shipping Flexible

We’re excited to to announce that Flexible resin is now shipping. Flexible is the second member of our Functional Materials family and adds a new range of capabilities to the Form 1+ (and Form 1) 3D printer. Its elastomeric properties allow you to print models that are…

Scan your teeth, then 3D print them

Scan your teeth, then 3D print them

We recently spoke with Mr Douw Grobler of Snap Dental Studio, based in Johannesburg, South Africa, who has been using his Form 1+ 3D printer to print reference models for clients like dentists and dental specialists. With these models, the dentists are able to share treatment procedures with their patients with more clarity.

Request a Castable sample part!

Request a Castable sample part!

We recently introduced Castable, the first of our family of Functional Resins. Now, you can request a Castable sample part to see how it works with your investment casting process.

Atop the Printer Rankings

Atop the Printer Rankings

3D Hubs just released their November trends report — and we were pleased to see the Form 1+ and Form 1 atop their quality rankings. Take a look for an in-depth read on how the 3D-printing market is moving—and thanks to all of you who are making us shine. We’ll keep making the best machines out there, so that you can keep printing amazing things!

Adding screw threads to 3D-printed parts

Adding screw threads to 3D-printed parts

The Form 1+ 3D Printer is great for making functional prototypes. Here is a helpful guide that demonstrates how to add screw threads to 3D printed parts.

Welcome New Zealand & Mexico

Welcome, Mexico & New Zealand!
Welcome, Mexico & New Zealand!
As we continue to expand, w’re thrilled to announce that we’re adding Mexico and New Zealand to our shipping & support regions! Mexico is now available in our North American Store; New Zealand is available in our International Store. Both…

Share your Instructable, Win a Form 1+


Our Instructables contest is winding down, enter now before the deadline!

Computational Design with MIT's Mediated Matter

Judith Amores’ video showcases her final project where she took inspiration from chemical reactions.

The tools we choose influence our design process. Digital modeling has been around, of course, but it’s been confined to the screen—to high-quality renders and print-outs. Now that so many are adding 3D printing to their…

Congratulations, Henry

Congratulations, Henry

Congratulations to Henry Innes, of Cambridge, UK, who won our random drawing for a Form 1+ 3D Printer!

3D printed comets!

3D printed comets!

Scientists at the European Space Agency (ESA) have constructed a 3D model of icy comet “67p” using photographs taken in space by robot “Philae” – and 80 of them will be printed the Form 1 3D printer for the landing of “Philae” on the icy comet after a 10-year journey and 3.7 billion miles (6 billion km) in orbit.

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