3D Printed Fashion: Gold-Plated Leaves

3D Printed Fashion: Gold-Plated Leaves

With his Form 1 3D printer, Luke Hornung inspired designers at Miryaki to weave 3D printed, gold-plated leaves into their urban-couture collection.

New Year. New Resolution.

New Year. New Resolution.

We’re excited to kick off 2015 with some news that brings new function to your Form 1+. Today we’re releasing a software update that adds a 200 micron print setting — that means you're able to print up to 2x faster.

Some jaw-dropping user creations from the past year

Some jaw-dropping user creations from the past year

We’ve seen some amazing projects shared across our forums this year, and we wanted to take a moment to revisit some of our favorites from 2014. We always love it when our users post their prints, please consider sharing your work with us in 2015. Now, without further ado…

Shipping Flexible

Shipping Flexible

We’re excited to announce that Flexible Resin is now shipping. Flexible is the second member of our Functional Materials family and adds a new range of capabilities to the Form 1+ (and Form 1) 3D printer.

Scan your teeth, then 3D print them

Scan your teeth, then 3D print them

We recently spoke with Mr Douw Grobler of Snap Dental Studio, based in Johannesburg, South Africa, who has been using his Form 1+ 3D printer to print reference models for clients like dentists and dental specialists. With these models, the dentists are able to share treatment procedures with their patients with more clarity.

Request a Castable sample part!

Request a Castable sample part!

We recently introduced Castable, the first of our family of Functional Resins. Now, you can request a Castable sample part to see how it works with your investment casting process.

Atop the Printer Rankings

Atop the Printer Rankings

3D Hubs just released their November trends report — and we were pleased to see the Form 1+ and Form 1 atop their quality rankings.

Adding screw threads to 3D-printed parts

Adding screw threads to 3D-printed parts

The Form 1+ 3D Printer is great for making functional prototypes. Here is a helpful guide that demonstrates how to add screw threads to 3D printed parts.

Welcome New Zealand & Mexico

Welcome, Mexico & New Zealand!
Welcome, Mexico & New Zealand!
As we continue to expand, w’re thrilled to announce that we’re adding Mexico and New Zealand to our shipping & support regions! Mexico is now available in our North American Store; New Zealand is available in our International Store. Both…

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