The Formlabs Design Awards, Powered by Pinshape

In celebration of FUSE, Formlabs' first user conference, we are hosting the Formlabs 3D Design Awards, Powered by Pinshape.

The Formlabs Design Awards, powered by Pinshape, celebrated designs from the 3D printing community’s top contributors. Designs were nominated for one of three categories: Top Art and Design Model, Top Functional Model, and Top Educational Model. The results of public voting are in! Scroll on to learn about the winners for each category.

Top Educational Model

The Top Educational Model Award goes to DesignMakeTeach for his design, Hidden Figures. This model integrates a number of educational concepts, including 3D modeling and the physics involved with light opacity. Congratulations and we hope the Wacom Cintiq and Adafruit and 3D Hubs gift cards help you continue your inspirational work!

Download the model

Top Art and Design Model

The Top Art and Design Model award goes to Thomas Davis for his design, Dragon Rook. We especially enjoyed this more intricate version of the Formlabs sample part. We hope Thomas is able to put the Zbrush and Instructables memberships to good use!

Download the model

Top Functional Model

The Top Functional Model award goes to Daveyclk for his design, The $30 3D Scanner. This clever model can be entirely 3D printed. It works by using a smartphone to take a number of images and stitch them together via a process called photogrammetry. Congratulations and we hope the Solidworks and Instructables memberships help you to keep innovating!

Download the model

Thanks to our participating FUSE sponsors!

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