Formlabs Marketing: Meet Rob Chron

Rob is one of the all-star interns who’s joined the Formlabs team this summer. We took a few moments to catch up with him, as he went about his work.

Formlabs Design Intern Rob Chron

Rob Chron
I'd describe myself as: An art school capitalist softened by a quality mint julep.

I’m working on developing Formlabs media operations. I’m starting Formlabs photo studio, and making sure we have amazing photographs for everything we do.

Some of the best stuff I’ve made this summer are the photographs of the beautiful things made by the Form 1+ printer. But my favorite might have to be this rook & roll photo which was done on a whim to promote our Sample Parts Program with rooks. Or this photograph of a 3D printed Japanese Kunai made by one of our engineers.

Rook and Roll

3D printed model of a Japanese Kunai

Formlabs has fed my obsession with people that are shamelessly passionate about whatever pleases them. These are the people I strive to surround myself with in life: people who love the details.