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Practice 3D Sculpting with a Customizable Model

Recently, Formlabs engineer Brian Chan wanted to improve his 3D modeling skills. To get started, he used a customizable STL model that was shaped like a generic four-legged animal. With just digital sculpting software and a pen tablet, he turned the model into all types of creatures, from a griffin to a Shiba Inu. You can download the STL below and use it to practice 3D modeling on your own.

Download the Customizable Model

To transform the model, Brian used Pixologic’s Sculptris, a free digital sculpting software. Optionally, a pen tablet will give you greater control over your sculpting movements, helping you create details faster—Brian opted for a Wacom version.

3D Sculpting Original Model
A preview of the customizable STL in PreForm, Formlabs’ free 3D printing software.
3D Sculpting Griffin
With ZBrush and a Wacom pen tablet, Brian turned the model into a griffin.
3D Sculpting Dog
A Shiba Inu is another design that originated from the same model.

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