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Some jaw-dropping user creations from the past year

We’ve seen some amazing projects shared across our forums this year, and we wanted to take a moment to revisit some of our favorites from 2014. We always love it when our users post their prints, please consider sharing your work with us in 2015. Now, without further ado…

“Winston Churchill” - Matt Burniston

Matt urniston is known on our forums for his Mega Plush model, but he recently used his Form 1+ to print this lifelike bust of Winston Churchill with an inconsiderate pigeon on his hat.

Winston Churchill bust by MattBurnistonWinston Churchill bust by MattBurniston

Flowing Dancer - Gillesalexandre

User Gillesalexandre expertly sculpted the flowing form of this dancer and her amazingly detailed and delicate hair.

Flowing dancer by GillesalexandreFlowing dancer by Gillesalexandre

Fox Ring - Monger Designs

Back in October, we released Castable resin, and user Monger Designs, one of our Kickstarter backers, was eager to test out its capabilities. Check out this amazing fox ring he created!

Fox Ring by Monger DesignsFox Ring by Monger Designs__

Mayfly - KlausLeitl

The Form 1+ is great for creating lifelike prints from nature, as user KlausLeitl demonstrated with this huge Mayfly, which was printed in multiple parts.

Mayfly by KlausLeitlMayfly by KlausLeitl

Big Bear - MattiaMercante

Continuing the theme of prints inspired by nature, user MattiaMercante printed this amazingly detailed 35cm tall bear rearing up on its hind legs. It’s so realistic that it almost looks like it’s about to jump through your screen.

Big Bear by MattiaMercanteBig Bear by MattiaMercante

T. rex - Carl_Chaumont

Of course, the Form 1+ isn’t just for printing living animals–it can also be used to print some of the most terrifying monsters from Earth’s history, like this giant T. rex skeleton printed by user Carl_Chaumont.

*T. rex* by Carl_ChaumontT. rex by Carl_Chaumont

Troll King - JulianLefebvre

Not all lifelike character models have to be of characters that exist in real life. JulianLefebvre created this massive bust of a troll king, which he printed in several pieces before assembling it.

Troll King by JulianLefebvreTroll King by JulianLefebvre

Drone Concept Model - EdwardWard

Many of our users have incorporated the Form 1+ into their design workflow before bringing a finished model to full-scale production. User EdwardWard printed this multi-piece concept model of a drone before producing the final production masters.

Drone Concept Model by EdwardWardDrone Concept Model by EdwardWard

Blood Vessels and Neurons - SungWooChoi and EyeWire Labs

And last, but not least: two amazing examples of accurate, realistic models of the hidden structures of the human brain and nervous system. First, user SungWooChoi printed this amazing model of the blood vessels in a human brain–more specifically, her own mother’s brain imaged during an MRI study–in one single piece.

Brain Blood Vessels by SungWooChoiBrain Blood Vessels by SungWooChoi

The EyeWire project uses crowdsourcing by gamers playing the EyeWire game to create 3D models from serial electron microscope (SEM) images. Here’s an example of a neuron which the folks at EyeWire labs shared with us.

Neuron by EyeWire LabsNeuron by EyeWire Labs

These are just some of our favorites from the past year, we can’t wait to see what our users will create in 2015. We’d love to see your creations, if you've created something you’re really proud of, please share it in our Projects & Prints Forum.

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