We hear you!

Form Fans, your support from home and abroad has been inspiring. The fact that you have shown as much belief in our vision as we have is a testament to the need and potential for a creative tool like the Form 1.

In three short days, we not only surpassed our initial fundraising goal, we have passed it by 1000% and almost completely sold out of our main Form 1 rewards. Our primary goal now is to fulfill what we promised for your generosity. These funds will get our production lines running and our printer onto your desktops.

At the same time, we hear the constant requests to get the Form 1 in a few more capable, early-adopting hands, particularly from abroad. It pains us not to answer that demand, but, at the same time, we must be responsible.

In hopes of reaching a compromise, we are opening another limited number of Form 1 rewards with later shipping. The later date provides us a reasonable deadline to meet while providing more of you with the opportunity to be an early user of this awesome printer. The higher funding on our end will allow us to scale by hiring a larger team to tackle more challenges in software, mechanical engineering, and design. Unlike our initial rewards packages, we have decided NOT to raise the price for later batches of machines. We love your support in this early stage, and you deserve the opportunity to get the Form 1 at these great prices.

We asked designers, engineers, and makers around the world if they wanted a high resolution printer on their desktops. You answered with a resounding “yes”. We are determined to deliver.