Sep. 20, 2013

Formlabs goes to Maker Faire New York City

Formlabs, the makers of the first truly high-resolution, low-cost 3D printer for design and engineering professionals, heads to World MakerFaire NYC, with a swarm of new announcements: a major software update, completing USA & Canada Kickstarter fulfillment and beginning worldwide shipping, and a great showcase of amazing Form 1 user prints!

Cambridge, MA, Sep. 20, 2013 – Formlabs is heading to Maker Faire NYC this weekend, showcasing their latest and greatest models, updates, and printers! Their recent achievements include satisfying the USA & Canadian segments of their breakout Kickstarter campaign, as well as a major new feature: a brand-new support generation algorithm that allows more complex and intricate designs to be printed. Formlabs is also thrilled that our collaboration with Marcelo Coelho and Skylar Tibbits at Ars Electronica, has borne fruit in Hyperform!

Visit us at Booth MP62 in the Maker Pavilion at World Maker Faire NYC on September 21 and 22, 2013!

The Form 1 is shipping worldwide!

Formlabs has shipped all of its domestic and Canadian pledges — 712 Form 1s in total! We’re coming to the final stages of a journey that began last September, when Formlabs conducted one of the most successful Kickstarter projects ever. With all domestic and Canadian Kickstarter pledges fulfilled,we’re excited to begin shipping the Form 1 worldwide.

Major Software Update: PreForm 0.9.0

For PreForm 0.9.0, we’ve rewritten our support generator from the ground up. The support generator performs a high-speed analysis of uploaded models and automatically generates support structures that will help ensure that prints come out the way they’re designed regardless of part complexity. The new software accommodates overhangs, lips, and multi-body models by creating internal supports. New structure design minimizes the area of support touch-points on the printed model, resulting in a smoother surface finish.

Master Digital Sculptor: Robert Vignone

A Hollywood visual effects artist, Robert Vignone, has made great use of his Form 1. He's a prolific poster in the forums, providing other users with advice and tips about getting the most out of the printer. A recent interview with Formlabs revealed some of his techniques and showcased several examples of his prints. We’re thrilled to have some of his beautiful work on-hand to show at our Maker Faire booth.

Form 1 Showcase

With several hundred printers in the field, we now have a steady stream of users contributing incredible work to our forums. Recent roundups showcase everything from mechanical parts and glasses repairs to intricate mathematical sculptures and art pieces.