Dec. 10, 2013

Formlabs Announces White Resin

3D printing start-up’s dedicated material science team announces their latest material

SOMERVILLE, Mass., Dec. 10, 2013 – In tandem with winter storms, Formlabs announced today the latest from their in-house material science team: White Resin. White adds another material to Formlabs’ growing suite of performance resins, which already includes Clear and Grey. White is noteworthy not only for its strikingly pure, opaque color, but because it produces exceptionally smooth and color-stable prints for when the look and feel of a part is essential.

“White resin is another small step in our ongoing focus on creating new and improved resins for the Form 1,” said Michal Firstenberg, a material scientist at Formlabs. “We have many more exciting classes of materials to come.” The materials road map for the future includes a variety of specialized materials for casting, ultra-high detail, and many other applications.

The release gives Form 1 users yet more choices. Robert Vignone, senior modeler at DreamWorks Animation and co-Creator of said, “The new white resin is extremely appealing to me because it features a smoother finished surface for my 3D character prints. Characters tend to look best in either White or Grey, having both options adds to the quality and diversity of your 3D print portfolio.”

Formlabs raised $19M in financing this past October, which the company expects to allow it to dramatically increase the pace of its research & development as it expands its operations globally and continues to innovate.

White resin is now available from the Formlabs web store at and will begin shipping immediately. One liter of the material costs $149.

CES Las Vegas

The Formlabs team is also excited to be attending CES 2014, where the Form 1 was a winner of the 2014 CES Innovations Design and Engineering Awards BEST OF INNOVATIONS award, which recognizes the best in engineering excellence and design. The team will be in attendance with a number of Form 1 printers, as well as many examples of the Form 1’s capabilities.