3D Printing Support for Medical Professionals Fighting COVID-19

Formlabs is dedicated to helping the medical community use 3D printing to address the COVID-19 pandemic and associated supply chain shortages. We are working with dozens of hospitals, health systems, and government agencies around the world on various projects spanning COVID-19 testing, PPE, and medical equipment.

If you are a healthcare organization considering using 3D printing for COVID-19 or other medical use cases, we recommend reading our guide: Considerations for Producing Safe and Effective Medical Devices.


Current Focus Areas

Formlabs fielded thousands of requests and evaluated hundreds of potential applications for 3D printed products to fight COVID-19, and is now supporting a handful of high-impact projects. These initiatives were selected based on clinical demand, lab and clinical testing, technical feasibility, and the regulatory environment.

Once prototypes have been tested and validated by the medical community, Formlabs is able to print parts at our certified medical device facility and ship to healthcare organizations. For hospitals with Formlabs printers, we may share printable files and instructions to enable distributed manufacturing to take place at the point-of-care.

Below are select clinical projects that Formlabs and our clinical innovation partners have pioneering around the world. At this time, Formlabs is not testing and validating new applications. 

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Formlabs Support Network for COVID-19 Response

Formlabs is aware of many hardware projects that seek to address global healthcare-related supply shortages around the world. We are reaching out to our incredible non-clinical community to connect clinicians in need with those who have design, engineering, and 3D printing resources to offer. 

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We will do our best to connect available Formlabs printers and relevant services to the people who need them most. For non-medical parts, visit the Community Library.


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Formlabs has created this website and has become involved in varying degrees with the projects described here during a global medical crisis.  Formlabs is working on many projects to address global healthcare-related supply shortages around the world, but in trying to mitigate these shortages, patient safety is still Formlabs’ top concern. We must remind those who are helping to alleviate these shortages that masks, swabs, face shields, and other 3D printed products intended to prevent or treat COVID-19 are medical devices. These devices must be safe for their intended purpose and anyone considering the manufacturing of these products should consider the following items:

  • Formlabs is a manufacturer of 3D printing materials capable of fabricating finished devices according to their labeling and any other product manufactured from these materials should be verified and validated according to their intended purpose.

  • You may be fabricating a device that does not have the required regulatory approvals and clearances. If you are fabricating devices, follow the guidelines on the label for each material.  You may seek to obtain reliable regulatory advice. 

  • Please consider local regulations, material safety data sheets, software capabilities, sterilization requirements, and institutional requirements before 3D printing medical devices.

  • Regulatory agencies (such as the FDA) may consider expedited review of manufacturing information and/or premarket submissions.

Formlabs cannot warrant that any products not manufactured by Formlabs are suitable for their intended purpose.