3D Printing for Audiology

Fast, High Quality Production for Custom Ear Products

3D printing has transformed the audiology space. Hearing specialists and ear mold labs are using digital workflows to manufacture higher quality custom ear products more consistently, and at higher volumes.

Trusted for their precision and reliability, Formlabs’ stereolithography 3D printers and materials make it easier than ever for organizations to bring digital production in-house, and drastically speed up the process from person to product.

“The Form 2 has enabled our lab to transition our custom hearing product manufacturing from manual to digital. 3D printing custom hearing products allows for greater control and consistency, and with the quality and affordability of the Form 2, we see potential to ramp up production going forward.”

- Paul Thorpe, lab manager, Universal dB

“As demand increases, so will our need for efficient high quality production. I can buy one industrial 3D printer for the same cost as 10 Form 3s, and with the Form Cell I won’t have to worry about all the tedious work. It's a no brainer for us!”

- Justin Stack, founder of The Listening Stack

Transition to Digital Manufacturing

Affordable desktop stereolithography 3D printing enables businesses of any size to embrace the benefits of a digital workflow. Start with one printer, and as demand grows, scale up production to multiple machines at the price of a single industrial model.

Soft Silicone Ear Molds

Formlabs’ Standard Clear Resin has the optimal properties required for manufacturing custom silicone ear molds for applications like behind-the-ear hearing aids, hearing protection, and custom ear plugs and earbuds.

By using the Formlabs 3D printers and Clear Resin, ear mold lab and hearing aid center The Listening Stack saved 40% of manufacturing costs compared to outsourcing, and reduced remakes by more than 50%.

3D Print Ear Molds in Clear Resin

Custom Earbuds

Paired with leading in-ear scanning technology, the Form 3 3D printing workflow offers an end-to-end, easy to use solution for bringing on-demand high quality custom earbuds to any mass market environment.

Formlabs and 3Shape demonstrated a ready-made technology package live at CES 2018.

Learn More About Mass Customized Earbuds

An End-to-End Digital Workflow

Paired with digital scanning solutions, the ear mold 3D printing production workflow is streamlined 
and optimized for producing higher volumes of consistently high quality products in hours instead of weeks.

3D Print Custom Soft Ear Molds

Digital manufacturing provides greater control and accuracy compared to traditional mold production, significantly reducing errors and remakes.

Walk through a step-by-step guide of the process for affordably producing custom silicone ear molds using the Form 2 3D printer and Formlabs’ Standard Clear Resin.

White Paper: How to 3D Print Soft Ear Molds

Build a Complete Digital Audiology Workflow

Pair the Form 3 Complete Package with a variety of scanner and software solutions. Connect with our sales team to learn more, or request free a sample part to see the quality firsthand.

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