3D Printing for Jewelry Retailers & Casting Houses

Enhance your Workflow and Improve Client Experience

Bring precision to your workshop with professional 3D printing to rapidly prototype designs, fit clients, and produce large batches of ready-to-cast pieces.



“As a pioneer in desktop 3D printing, Formlabs is the perfect partner to help us grow in 3D printing. When it comes to 3D printing technology for jewelry professionals, Formlabs is the leader in this space.”

-  Scott Petrillo, Vice President of Sales 


Digital Design

CAD design of rings and other jewelry enables the creation of consistent, symmetrical pieces without the tediousness and variability of wax carving. Combining a CAD process with a desktop 3D printer offers the best of both worlds - the efficiency and precision of CAD, and the tactile presence of a prototype piece.

Watch the webinar: Intro to ZBrush for Jewelry

Fitting and Consultation

Take advantage of the Form 3 to create “fitting pieces” to provide a consultative experience which builds excitement and delights your clients. SLA 3D prints are sturdier and more cost-effective than wax originals and can be reproduced or adjusted with a few clicks.

Rubber Molds for Production

Make master patterns for rubber molding with 3D printing for faster iteration and lower costs. Use the masters to create molds that produce waxes in quantity for investment casting. Standard Resins are perfect for cold molding (RTV) and High Temp Resin withstands the heat of vulcanizing natural rubber.

Investment Casting from 3D Prints

Create castable parts in hours, cutting down on manual labour. The Form 3’s rapid print process, accuracy, and surface finish allow you to move from design to production. Our verified burnout schedule ensures clean burnout and smooth surfaces on every piece.

Resources for Jewelers and Casting Houses

Learn how to integrate 3D printing into your workflow. Download free white papers, watch webinars, and read our guides about 3D printing workflows for jewelry.


A Complete 3D Printing Solution for Jewelry

High resolution 3D printing on the desktop, intuitive software, and materials for prototyping and casting, all in one package.

See the Form 3          See Jewelry Materials