Precise, Durable, and Affordable Custom Orthotic Insoles With 3D Printing

You can now produce custom orthotic insoles easily and affordably in house with a simple and clean digital workflow, reducing costs and labor needs, and improving turnaround time and comfort for your customers.

Why Go Digital?

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Simpler Workflow, More Control

Produce more customizable, thinner, and lighter insoles with a clean and less labor-intensive workflow.
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Lower Costs

Reduce production, labor, material, storage, and shipping costs by digitizing and simplifying your workflow.
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Faster Turnaround Time

Produce custom insoles within 24 hours without grinding or trimming, and with fewer patient visits.

Fuse 1+ 30W: Compact, Industrial Quality SLS 3D Printer

Lowest CapEx and most compact professional SLS printer in the industry
Ease of use reduces labor and training costs
High performance materials ensure durability and support
Real-time support and field service technicians

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Revolutionize Your Insole Production With the Formlabs Fuse 1+ 30W

Insole Formlabs 3d printed
Sample Part

Request Your Nylon 11 Insole Shell Sample Part

Easily Start, Easily Scale

Get started easily with a low upfront cost and pay only for the capacity that you really need. Scale up as demand increases and minimize the risk of downtime with multiple printers. Avoid hidden costs, expensive service contracts, and electrical work and start printing within one day of delivery.

Fuse 1+ 30WLarge Format MJF
CapEx for the Initial SetupUSD $50,000 - USD $55,000USD $500,000+
CapEx per Additional PrinterUSD $35,000USD $350,000+
Service Plan per YearUSD $5,000USD $35,000+
Power RequirementsStandard 120V (US) or 230V outletDedicated 380-415V line
Dimensions (L x W x H)68 x 64 x 107 cm
27 x 25 x 42 in
221 x 119 x 145 cm
87 x 47 x 57 in

Curious to see how much you can save? Contact our team to run the numbers specifically for your parts and business.

4-Printer Fuse 1+ 30W Setup vs MJF setup

A four printer Fuse 1+ 30W setup is the size of one large-format MJF setup.

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SLS vs. MJF 3D Printing

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Tested for Performance and Functionality

Best-in-class accuracy and reliability
Best energy return on the market
Tested to exceed 4 million bend cycles, equivalent to 11,000 steps per day for one year

Discover How 3D Printing Revolutionized One Lab's Workflow

Brought additive manufacturing capabilities in-house to cut costs and be able to offer innovative new products
Replaced messy, labor-intensive steps with an accurate, repeatable digital workflow
Fewer patient visits, faster production, and no manual adjustments help provide better service

Watch the video: How 3D Printers Digitized Insole Production at a Family-Owned Podiatry Lab

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4 Easy Steps to Deliver Millions of Patient Steps

Scan foam impression
1. Scan

Scan foam impressions, casts, or patients directly using a smartphone or iPad-based scanner, professional gait scanners, or pressure plates.

Insole design
2. Design

Use insole design software to create the desired features and supports. Include heel cups and other features to avoid manual steps while finishing.

Printed Insoles
3. Print

Produce the insoles or insole shells in batches on the Fuse 1+ 30W and post-process the parts on the Fuse Sift.

Assemble the 3D printed insole
4. Finish

Assemble the 3D printed insole with covers, posts, and pads as needed. Eliminate manual trimming or grinding by leveraging a digital scan and precise design.

Get Started With 3D Printing Insoles

Get in touch with our medical 3D printing experts for a 1-1 consultation to find the right solution for your business, receive ROI analysis, test prints, and more.

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