Our Most Ambitious Material.

Formlabs collaborated with New Balance to develop a 3d printing material with the highest possible energy return, tear strength, and elongation. Perfect for a wide array of demanding end-use applications, we've never seen another SLA material like it.

Bend It

Rebound Resin doesn't tear during use, holding its form under pressure.

Strain It

From overmolds to gaskets, Rebound Resin delivers the strength necessary for end-use applications.

Push It

Rebound Resin doesn't succumb to prolonged exposure to rain, sunlight, and other elements.

Miles of Real World Testing

Rebound Resin products are already on the market. New Balance launched two shoes in 2019, the 99- Sport Triple Cell and FuelCell Echo Triple.

FuelCell Echo Triple

The FuelCell Echo Triple, the second TripleCell product from New Balance. Rebound Resin in the forefoot boosts performance during athletic activity.

990 Sport Triple Cell

The 990 Sport Triple Cell, the first TripleCell product to emerge of the Formlabs-New Balance partnership. The first shoe to contain custom built Rebound Resin.

The Freedom to Design and Manufacture High-Performance Custom Products


Strong, resilient finish.

Gaskets and seals of any size, Rebound Resin fits securely in place and doesn’t wear out over time like other SLA materials. 

Springy, flexible structures.

Rebound Resin has a much higher energy return, tear strength, and elongation than any other Formlabs material. This makes it ideal for industry level handles, grips and overmolds.

professional look

For New Balance, Rebound Resin delivers the resistance required to match or exceed foam performance on an athletic shoe. Rebound Resin can easily withstand thousands of pressure points placed on it daily, making it ideal for consumer goods such as watch straps, wearables, and apparel accessories. 

How Can We Work Together

Is your company looking to use 3D printing to strengthen existing businesses or launch new initiatives? Contact our team to request a sample part of Rebound Resin, or to explore if a new custom material is required for your unique project demands.

Rebound Resin is available exclusively through pertnership with Formlabs.