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Advanced Materials for Industrial-Quality Parts

Push the boundaries of what you can create on the world’s most trusted 3D printer with the widest range of the highest-performance materials in the industry.

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For Substantial Time and Cost Savings

Perfected over a decade, the reliability and automation of the Form 3+ support time and cost savings that add up over time.

Operating a low-cost resin printer will cost

130 hours or $6,240

Per year more than operating the Form 3+

The Form 3+ will become more cost-effective than a low-cost resin printer in about

53 prints

Or 9 months of operation

In my attempt to save money on good resin by going open source, it ended up costing me more in terms of time, settings, and resin compared to using the Formlabs ecosystem.

William Titus, R&D Manger at Haygor Instrument and Company, Inc.

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