Growing Pains

The growing Formlabs team (absent a handful of key members) in our Somerville, Massachusetts offices! We've got Adam, Akimitsu, Alan, Alex, Ara, Craig, Hilla, Ian, James, Jason, Jenni, Jory, Luke, Manuel, Martin, Matthew, Max, Meagan, Natan, Dima, Michal, Parker , Rachel, Ryan, Scott, Shane, Sivan , Virginia, Will, Yoav, Sam, & Zach.

With your help on Kickstarter last fall, we set out to make the Form 1 the best desktop 3D printer out there. We’ve been busy. We’ve built up a top-notch engineering team, our own materials science lab, moved offices (twice), and grown and grown.

In doing so, we haven’t been as focused on another of our bedrock values: providing fantastic customer support. You are our earliest backers and customers. You deserve regular communication, faster responses, and quality support articles. Lately, we’ve been doing a bad job of that. We’re sorry, and that’s going to change.

This week, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve nearly tripled the size of our full-time support team. We’d like to welcome Rachel, Meagan, and Ryan aboard. They’ll be making sure that we do a better job of helping you in the future, and responding to your questions as quickly as possible.

For those of you still waiting for shipment, we know it’s been frustrating not to have a clear idea of when your printer might arrive. To start, we’ll be publishing a shipping update later this week with important details. Stay tuned — and thanks from all of us for hanging on.