Announcing Our Pro Service Plan and Distribution in Japan

We’re excited to announce new support services and new global distribution partners that will expand our support for the Form 1+ SLA 3D Printer. For the US, we’re announcing our Pro Service Plan, a program tailored for customers and businesses who use the Form 1+ in a mission-critical capacity. For Japan, we’re announcing two new distribution partners that will allow local service and support for the Form 1+.

Formlabs Pro Service Plan

As our user base grows, we’re recognizing a need among business and professional users for additional levels of service and support. Today, we’re happy to announce our Pro Service Plan, which offers customized training, rapid support response and increased uptime.

The Pro Service Plan is bundled with a Form 1+ printer purchase and includes:
- A Customized Training Session
- Dedicated Phone Support
- Priority Email Support
- Express Replacement

With the Pro Service Plan from Formlabs, the customized online training session will make sure you’re up to speed with everything you need to know about desktop stereolithography (SLA). You’ll have access to support via email and phone that includes direct access to the Customer Support team. Should there be any issue with your machine’s hardware, Formlabs will provide you with a replacement Form 1+ 3D printer before you send back your original machine. The Pro Service Plan is available in the North American web store for $499.

Pro Service Plan for Makerspaces

As we announce our Pro Service Plan, we're excited to give back to the creative community by extending the program benefits for machines hosted in makerspaces and other co-working spaces. To see if your space qualifies, please contact us using this form.

Distribution in Japan

Today we’re also extending our global distribution of the Form 1+ to Japan. In order to offer leading sales service and customer support, we have partnered with Brulé, a leading solutions provider for high-technology products, and Tech Co. Ltd, a premier maintenance and support services company. Together, Formlabs, Brulé and Tech Co. Ltd will operate a jointly-run Formlabs Customer Care Center that will ensure that Japanese customers enjoy the same high levels of customer service and after-sales care that Formlabs offers internationally.

Our Japanese users have already been creating creating impressive designs with their Form 1+ printers. And we’re excited to see more exciting designs from the region.

To place an order for a Form 1+ SLA 3D printer in Japan, customers can visit Brulé’s website.

Read our press announcement here.