Jan. 07, 2020

CES 2020: From Radiologists to Runners, Formlabs Showcases How 3D Printing Impacts Every Industry

Users at New Balance, Dame and across CES, show what's in store for Formlabs in 2020

SOMERVILLE, Mass. and Las Vegas, NV, Jan. 07, 2020Formlabs, the designer and manufacturer of powerful and accessible 3D printing systems, is highlighting at CES 2020 its impact in empowering anyone to make anything. 


The thousands of printed parts at the Formlabs booth are just a small representation of the millions of 3D printed parts that have found their way into the development and manufacturing of consumer tech devices, hospitals, sneakers and furniture. From vibrators by Dame Products to a vertebra representing the Mayo Clinic’s Department of Radiology’s Anatomic Modeling Lab, which creates patient-specific models for surgeons to prepare for complex procedures. Also featured in the booth is New Balance who will be showing off its line of shoes within the TripleCell collection, which is built off of Formlabs technology. 


At CES 2020, the impact Formlabs has on consumer tech can be felt across Startup Alley - including first-time CES attendee Dame, a Formlabs user and leading sex tech company. This is the first year that CES is allowing sex technology on the show floor, and Dame will be featured at Formlabs’ booth showing how it is using Formlabs to bring more thoughtfully engineered vibrators to market faster. Using their Formlabs printer to create numerous iterations of its vibrator at a fraction of the cost, Dame is able to grow its business and bring better products to its customers.


“We’re excited to be joining Formlabs at our first CES while the CTA is considering whether to keep sextech as a category,” said Janet Lieberman-Lu, co-founder and CTO of Dame Products. “Vibrators are consumer electronics - they're personal care items like electric toothbrushes and razors - so they deserve to be showcased in the same venues.”


“From dentists to designers, people are finding new and exciting ways to leverage our technology,” said Max Lobovsky, CEO and co-founder of Formlabs. “At a show like CES, where most hardware products start with a 3D printed prototype, we’re showing how 3D printing is becoming an integral part of product development to bring better products to consumers.”


Formlabs’ continued focus on enabling accessible and affordable 3D printing for anyone is possible through the company’s materials innovation. With 22+ SLA materials and counting, Formlabs has one of the largest libraries of proprietary resins for a company that also develops software and hardware in the industry - making it easier for startups and global brands to hit the ground running with the next world-changing product. Without the materials innovation partnership with Formlabs, New Balance would not have its TripleCell collection, which is made of a proprietary rebound resin that enhances performance and offers a 330 percent elongation for maximum use.


“CES is where companies come to show off the latest technology and advancements, so our TripleCell collection feels at home here with Formlabs, ” said Katherine Petrecca, New Balance General Manager of Footwear at the Innovation Design Studio. “We’re at the forefront of a broader industry shift, where 3D printing is reshaping how we think about how design and manufacturing can be approached.”


At the start of the new year, Formlabs is also kicking off a new community spaces program called the “Formlabs Community Spaces.” Formlabs machines will be available for use in the following locations in the first quarter; Autodesk Technology Centers in Boston, San Francisco and Toronto, the Gnomon School of Design in Hollywood, mHUB Chicago and New Lab in New York. 


To learn more please visit formlabs.com 


Press kit: https://bit.ly/352UD8Q 

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