Formlabs Releases Debut Album "Sounds Of The Print Farm: Volume 1"

Since being founded in 2011, Formlabs has made it a mission to bring 3D printing to professionals around the world. From visual effects studios to educators and even watch-makers, our 3D printers have allowed anyone to make anything. But with the world working remotely in the last year, many of us were deprived of the familiar buzzing and whirring sounds of 3D printing. At Formlabs, we didn’t want anything to get in the way of the 3D printing experience, so we came up with a creative solution.

Today, we are excited to bring the sounds of additive manufacturing home with our debut album, Sounds Of The Print Farm: Volume 1 as well as a companion remix EP. Sounds Of The Print Farm: Volume 1 is an ambient album recorded at our facility in Somerville, Massachusetts that captures the tranquil atmosphere of additive manufacturing. This release immerses listeners into the world of 3D printing, as the choir of the Form 3, Form 3L, and Fuse 1 transform complex digital designs into physical parts layer by layer.

While Sounds Of The Print Farm: Volume 1 captures the audio experience of additive manufacturing at scale, we know it is also important to convey it visually. That’s why we are also excited to release our first official pack of video conferencing backgrounds. With Sounds Of The Print Farm: Volume 1 and our highly detailed backgrounds, it’s now easier than ever to convince your coworkers that you have a print farm of your own. For maximum immersion, we recommend playing this album on speakers during calls.

With hours of captured recordings being used for this release, we also gave our employees the opportunity to share their musical talents. The result was a special companion EP, (Remixed) Sounds Of The Print Farm.

With our foray into the musical space, we hope to bring the world of additive manufacturing closer to home. For some, the audio/visual experience may not be enough. If you’re ready to create a print farm of your own or something even more advanced, talk to our Factory Solutions team.