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Every business is unique. Your manufacturing solution should be too. Collaborate, develop, and produce with Formlabs.

Your Agile Factory Made Simple

Formlabs Factory Solutions is 3D printing reimagined to build the factory of the future for demanding industrial applications.

Build your factory the way you want it with intuitive tools, transparent pricing, and proven processes. Take control of your production infrastructure with additive manufacturing for high-throughput applications. With scalable hardware, world-class materials development, and a team of interdisciplinary experts, Formlabs is here to help you make the factory of the future an immediate reality.

Print Farm

3D Printing, Reimagined

Factory Solution offers a variety of custom services to fit your needs.

A Custom Factory Package

Form Cell

It’s easy to deploy and manage a fleet of Formlabs 3D printers. Formlabs hardware, software, and materials are made to work together seamlessly, giving you an agile factory package a step above other 3D printing offerings.

Work with our team to rapidly scale production as your business grows with a modular production station built around the Form 3, an industrial-quality 3D printer that consistently delivers. The Form 3 scales with you, so you can fast-track deployment and implementation of new production infrastructure.

Factory Solutions brings manufacturing flexibility to your business. Switch production priorities in accordance with changing market conditions, scale fast as demand increases, or launch innovative mass-customized products using 3D printing.

Formlabs Consulting


Our Factory Solutions consulting team is here to help you build a tailored 3D printing factory perfect for your needs. Our multidisciplinary experts will work alongside your team from product ideation to print optimization and production implementation. We’re here to help you perfect your facility and workflow, become self-sufficient, and take control of your supply chain.

Formlabs experts have the experience you need to solve the technical and business challenges of implementing a transformational additive manufacturing strategy. Trust our proven team to take the risk and unpredictability out of executing high-impact projects that rely on high volume 3D printing factories.

“Formlabs conducted a wonderful onsite additive manufacturing workshop that was both informative and interactive. The use case and product examples helped everyone internally truly understand what is possible in our additive manufacturing future. Thank you Factory Solutions Team!”
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Sundaresan Arunachalam
Basic Development Technology at Hirschmann Automotive

Custom Material Development

Gillette Razors

Push the limits of 3D printing with the secret ingredient your enterprise solution needs: a customized, production-grade material created specifically for your application. From matching your brand's color, to the development of a completely new chemistry to achieve specific properties, we’re here to help you by developing a brand new 3D printing material for your application.

A partnership with Formlabs means a team of world-class materials scientists at your disposal. Formlabs will drive your idea from creation to implementation, and guarantee successful prints by creating a workflow and process tailor-made for your new material.

With a resin production center in the United States, rest assured that you will have access to a robust supply chain for long-term production, no matter the material.

A Smart Investment, A Proven Solution

With over 60,000 3D printers deployed, Formlabs is expanding access to industrial-quality production with additive manufacturing. Each Formlabs Factory Solutions package is a tailored solution for businesses ready to unlock growth, quickly scale production, and create new product opportunities with 3D printing.

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